Prayers for Loss

A Prayer For Memory Loss

Dear Heavenly Father, it is so distressing to watch those that we love suffering from memory loss, so they are not even able to remember their spouse or family members. Lord, the anguish that this causes is so intensely painful for everyone involved, and so we lift up all those that are having to care for friends and family members who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease or some other form of memory loss.
Pour out Your mercy and grace on all that are afflicted in this way, and give patience and comfort to those that have to watch as their loved ones gradually becoming estranged from them. Give them a deep sense of Your presence, and endue them with courage to face the loss that this condition brings upon all that are affected.
Lord, draw close to those that are having to go through the process of grieving their loss, while having to continue to care for their dear one. May Your perfect peace fill their heart and may they be strengthened by Your sufficient grace, to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name,

A Prayer For Strength In Loss

Lord, it was You that made us in Your image, with emotions and feelings, and I am hurting so much because of this loss. Lord, I feel utterly bewildered by all that has gone on and hardly know which way to turn. I just need Your strength to uphold me in this time of such enormous loss and such overwhelming grief.
I know that the Bible says that underneath are Your everlasting arms, and Lord, my pain is so deep that I really need Your grace and strength to comfort and succour me at this time. I ask You to draw very close to me and let me feel Your presence alongside me, in this difficult time of such great sadness.
Give me peace in my heart and comfort me I pray. Lead me by still waters and restore my soul. Keep my faith from faltering, hold me close to Your heart of love, and bind up my brokenness. The Bible says that You came to heal up the broken-hearted and refresh the soul of those that are hurting. Lord, today I ask that You would help and strengthen me in this time of loss. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Children Who’ve Lost A Parent

Loving Lord, You are the one Who said, "suffer the little children to come unto me," and today we specially think of the many children who have lost one or more parents due to illness or accident, or even due to desertion, suicide or imprisonment.
Father, today we lift up all those who have lost a parent, or have been parted from them for whatever reason, and we pray that Your special comfort and grace would be extended to these children in their time of loss and trauma. We ask that You would draw close to each one and help them to come to terms with losing one of the most important people in their life.
We pray that their loss and grief would not be overlooked by other adults, but that You would provide the right people to minister to them and to supply the appropriate comfort and support during this time of loss. May each child come to know You as their Heavenly Father, and receive from You the comfort of a loving parent, so that they may grow into emotionally stable adults who have come to trust You as their Saviour and Friend. This we ask in Jesus' name,

For Those Facing Loss Of A Loved One

Loving Father, I bring those to You who are facing the loss of a loved one today, and I pray Your special grace and comfort to all who are grieving at this time.

You are the great God of comfort and I pray that You would reach out Your arm of love and draw all who are having to face a life on their own, a life without their loved one, to Yourself.

I pray that Your Holy Spirit would comfort all those that trust in Jesus as their Saviour, knowing that we will one day meet again with loved ones who die in the Lord, but I also pray for those that do not know You and pray that at this time of sadness You would draw especially close to them. Give them the love and comfort that only comes from You and bring them into saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus' name, 


Prayers For Hair Loss

Heavenly Father, thank You that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and You know everything about us, even the very hairs on our head are numbered,  but Lord, You know that my increasing concern is that my hair seems to be coming out at an alarming rate, and it is causing me some significant distress.
Lord, I ask that You would stop this rapidly developing hair problem and I pray that I may find the right solution so that this distressing loss of hair, which is progressing at such an alarming rate, would be halted and would also be reversed.
Lord, if there is anything that I am eating or doing that may be a cause of this, I ask that You would bring it to my notice, and if there is anything that I should or should not be doing, that You would bring show me very clearly. Please Lord, in Your grace and mercy, I ask that You would heal me of this hair loss and allow my hair to once again grow healthy and strong. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Job Loss

Lord Jesus, we are facing increasing numbers of men and women who are finding it difficult to obtain a job and keep it, due to the ever-growing unemployment figures,  while there are others who are continuously concerned that the job they have is insecure, knowing that any day they may be facing a permanent and devastating job loss.
Lord, this adds to the stress on individuals and on their families and we pray that many would turn to You and seek You, knowing that You alone are the One in whom they can find a permanent solution, true security and lasting peace of mind.
Lord, as a nation and as a world we have turned our backs on You and having sown a national ‘wind’ we are in the process of reaping a world-wide ‘whirlwind,’ and Father, You alone are the answer to our individual, community and national problems.

May we repent of our sins as individual Christians who have wandered far from You and allowed the things of this world to influence our relationship with You. May we repent as Your Church and body of Christ, for we have compromised the truth of Scripture and turned a blind eye to the evils that have infiltrated our places of worship.

May we repent as a nation and turn back to the Lord our God, and may we look to You to be the one and only source of our hope, knowing that only when the Lord Jesus returns will the problems of life be finally put right. This we ask in Jesus' name,

Prayer For The Loss Of A Baby

Dear God, why oh why? I only had my baby for such a very short time, and now my little one has gone. My sense of grief and loss is such that it surpasses normal sadness, for this little life was taken away so early that it seems so senseless. Lord, I don’t understand.
For my part, I feel pain at my loss and anger that it should not have happened and could been prevented. I feel helpless to do anything and have such a deep-rooted sense of not understanding. But so often we don’t understand the reason that things that happen in life, do we? Lord, I really don’t understand, but please help me I pray.
Who else can I go to at this time except You Father God. Who else understands what it is to lose a child that you love and care for so dearly, but You faced deep sorrow too and You were well acquainted with bitter grief, for You lost Your own dearly beloved Son in such a cruel and senseless way, on Calvary’s cross.
Lord, I don’t understand but I do want to trust You, knowing that You will one day wipe away every tear from our eyes. Help me to come to terms with my loss, and although I know that I will never completely forget my pain, I pray that through it I may grow in such a way that I may become a support to others who are going through similar sadnesses and are experiencing their own deep sense of loss. So Father, into Your hands I commit my life. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For The Loss Of A Child

Father, I ask for Your comfort and peace for these dear people who are grieving the loss of their child. Lord, this little one was brought into the world and placed into their family, and now they have to go through the sadness of losing such a treasure.  My heart is breaking for them.
Lord, You know the pain and grief that they are going through, and You understand the sadness and confusion they are facing, which must be tinged with so many unanswered questions as to why this had to happen to them.
Draw very close to them, for You are the God of all comforts, Who has promised to comfort each one of us in all our afflictions and pain. Minister to their needs and Lord, despite the sadness that they are going through at this moment I pray that this would draw them into a place where they cast all their burdens and pain onto You and trust You to bring them through losing this child. I ask this in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Loss Of A Cousin

Oh Lord, it is always so hard to say good-bye to those that we love and care about, especially when we were close. I know that I am going to miss my cousin so much, and so are the rest of the family. And so Lord, I do pray that You would give each one of us Your comfort in our hearts at this time of such sadness.
Lord, I know that death is a thin veil of temporary separation for those that love You, and I thank and praise You that as Your children we will meet up again one day, but it is still hard to have to realise that we will never be together in this life again, so please flood all of our hearts with Your never-failing comfort and give us Your strength to move forward, knowing that You feel deeply for our loss and that You care for each one of us.
Thank You for the good times that we spent together, and help us to celebrate a lovely life rather than mourn a life that has passed. Help me to give You thanks for the great love we shared. Thank You for the life of my cousin and I pray that You would put Your loving arms of comfort around us all and draw every member of our wider family into a closer walk with You. In Jesus' name I pray,

Prayers For Loss Of A Grandchild

Dear Heavenly Father, what grief and sadness has overtaken us as the loss of out precious little grandchild. Oh Lord, never did we expect that we would live to see such a sad day and our hearts are overburdened with such a great loss and such a sense of sadness.
Give me the strength and courage I need to support my own precious child who is having to face this shattering loss in their life. Help me to be Your heart of love reaching out to them, to comfort and support, as they face the loss of their dearly loved child, and my very precious grand-child.
I know You collect all our tears in a bottle and will one day wipe away all our hurt and pain. Keep us looking to Jesus. Keep us trusting in Your unfailing-mercy. Keep us from grieving as the world grieves, knowing that one day we will all meet together in Your presence.
Give us all the grace and strength to face the future, knowing that all things are being used for our eternal benefit and to Your greater glory even though at this time of deep darkness we just don’t understand. Into Your hand I commit all those that are dear to me and thank You that You are my God. In Jesus' name I pray,

Prayer For The Loss Of A New Born

Oh Lord, we come to You to pray Your peace and hope into our broken hearts. We all are deeply saddened by the death of this precious little child who hardly had time to enter into the world before being snatched away from us all, and our hearts grieve at having to say goodbye before we had a proper chance to get to know this precious little babe whom we all loved so dearly.
The question that seems to be buzzing round each of our heads is why? Why did this have to happen Lord? I guess confusion and pain and even a sense of anger are some of the emotions that have been throbbing through our heads, and although we will probably never understand the reason, we do ask that You would minister into each of our hearts and pour into us Your own special comfort, peace and hope for the future.
Lord, though it is so so hard to say goodbye, we pray that we may release this little new-born into Your faithful keeping. May we release the pain of this untimely death into Your hands and allow our hearts to finally say goodbye. And Lord, although the loss of this precious one is real and our hearts are shrouded with grief, may we trust this babe into Your safe-keeping, knowing that in Christ we will one day be reunited, and You will wipe away all tears from our eyes. This we ask in Jesus' name,

Prayer For The Loss Of A Parent

Dear Heavenly Father, it is so hard to finally say goodbye to a parent. I never really thought that the time would ever come that my father or mother would die, and it has caused me to reflect on what both my parents meant to me.
Oh Lord, as I look back over the years, I realise that I could have done so much more to show how much I loved them and how much they meant to me, but instead I too often took their love and sacrifice for granted.
Forgive me my carelessness towards them, but I thank You with all my heart for giving me the parents I had. I know they also made mistakes but Lord, what a joy to have a parent such as mine, and I thank You for the precious memories I have as I look back over my childhood and later life.
Lord, I know that I am going to miss my parents so much, and I pray that You will help me to come to terms with the fact that although they are not with me in person, that the lessons that they taught me and the love that they showed me will remain with me throughout life. I pray that I may continue to apply the lessons they taught me and give You grateful thanks that in Christ we will one day meet again. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Loss Of A Pet

Dear Heavenly Father, You made such a beautiful world and filled it with so much loveliness. Thank You for the animals and birds, and particularly for the pets that mean so much to us and which help to brighten the lives of so many people.
But Lord, You know that too often the lives of our pets pass away long before we do, and it is so hard to say goodbye when a faithful and much-loved animal is finally laid to rest.
So as we say our goodbyes to this special animal that we have all grown to love so much, I ask for Your loving-comfort to fill each of our hearts, knowing that we all are feeling an aching void inside.
Look down especially I pray, on all those who may be going through a similar heartbreak of losing of their own pet, especially I lift up those people that are old and lonely or infirm and isolated. Draw close to all who are mourning the loss of a pet today. May this be a time when each one of us draws closer to You, with grateful thanks for all Your goodness and grace to us. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For The Loss Of An Adult Son

Lord, You gave me this precious son of mine for a season and with it the great responsibility and joy of guiding him through his childhood years and into manhood, and now I find that I am having to entrust him back into Your loving arms.
Lord, I do thank You for the joy he has given me over these special years of his life, and the pride I had as I watched him spread his own wings as he started to make his way in life, growing in favour with You and with so many others too.
Lord, I ask You to hold me close in Your own loving embrace, as this is such a pain to have to say goodbye to my dearly beloved son. I know that his life was only entrusted to me for a season, that our times are in Your hands, and that You have scheduled each day of our lives, but I did not expect that he would be called home before me.
Pour out Your loving comfort and strength to me Lord, and to all of us who feel his loss so acutely. May we draw closer to each other and to You as we say our farewells for a season, as we wait for that blessed hope when once again we will all be reunited in Your heaven. May Your peace and joy and hope in believing, comfort us all at this time. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Loss Of Brother

Loving Lord, I grieve for the loss of my own dear brother, and as I consider the passing of time and all that has happened between us over the years, it makes me increasingly aware of the frailty of our humanity and the speed with which our mortal life is racing past.
I do thank You for the special times I had with my brother, but his loss has been a sort of wake-up call to me, and my sadness at losing someone so close to me, who was equally a special life-long friend, is tinged with the realisation that all life is incredibly fragile and fleeting, and the brief span of time that we all have is so transient, and needs to be valued and not taken so much for granted.
Lord, help me to number my days and make the best use of every minute that I have left. Help me also to value the friends and relations that I have, for none of us know the day or the hour of our own death. Lord, I know that I am going to miss my brother, but I thank You that one day we will stand together before Your throne of grace. But until that day, I pray that I may live my life in a way that is honouring to You. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Loss Of Daughter

Heavenly Father, my heart is grieving over the loss of my precious daughter. Father, I don’t know how to pray or even what to pray but I know that You have promised to comfort those that mourn and to give Your special succour and strength to all of Your children in their times of deep sorrow and affliction.
Please put Your comforting arms around me at this time, I pray. My darling daughter has been taken from me before her time and I am left to sorrow over her departure. How can I bear this grief that has cut at my heart, and yet I know that our times are in Your hands. Her times were also in Your hands and I do believe that even in this, You will bring about some good from this sadness.
According to Your abundant loving-kindness and tender mercy, I pray that You will overshadow me with Your great compassion and grace so that I may face the future knowing that each day is a gift from You, to be spent in Your will and for Your greater purpose. Thank You that You weep with me and I thank You also, that Your promised joy will come in the morning. In Jesus' name,

Prayers For Loss Of Home

Heavenly Father, we are undergoing the worse housing crisis in living memory and I know that none of us are exempt from the possibility of our homes being forcibly taken away from us due to foreclosures, mounting debt, natural disasters, banking collapses and even from unscrupulous people and unethical governments.
I grieve for all who have lost their home in one way or another, or who are going through the process of having their home ripped away from them and their lives turned upside down. Lord God, You are our Provider and You have promised us Your protection and provision, and we ask that You would look down in pity and mercy on all who are facing the loss of their homes. We pray that You would undertake in a wonderful way to intervene in their lives, and provide for their individual needs.
We pray Your blessing on our own home and family, and place our own lives and futures into Your gracious hands. May we look to You in every eventuality of life, praising You for Your goodness and and depending on You in all things in the difficult days that lie ahead. We ask this in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Loss Of Hope

Heavenly Father, I cling to You knowing that my heart feels dry and empty as if my hope is draining away, but I thank You that You are there for me in times of trouble and distress, and I pray that You would hold me fast during this period when all hope seems to be evaporating away.
Lord, I know that Your promises are true and that You are with us in the midst of our troubles and trials, our fears and failings and our doubts and difficulties, our brokenness and our bitterness. Help me to cling fast to Your promises, to rest in Your love, to rekindle my hope and to rebuild my joy and my strength in the Lord.
Lord, I believe that losing my hope in You is really a temptation of the enemy, so help I pray, not to lose heart but help me to remember that in Christ I am being renewed day by day by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Help me not to try to rely on myself but to let go and allow You to work Your will in my life.
Develop in me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, knowing that Your mercies, grace strength and hope are new everymorning, for which I praise Your holy name. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Loss Of My Father

Lord, today is tinged with both sadness and a strange sort of comfort as we say farewell to my dear and precious father, who has been such a support to us all over the years.
Thank You for giving me my dad, and for all that he has meant to me throughout my life. As I think back over all the things that he taught me and for the many lessons of life that I have learned from him, it rejoices my heart, and yet Lord, I know that I am going to miss him so very much.
Be close to all of the family today Lord. I know that we are all going to feel his passing in different ways and I pray that You will draw close to each of us and provide the comfort and strength that we all need as we finally come to terms that we will no longer see him down here. But thank You that he knew the Lord Jesus as his Saviour, and we rejoice to know that he is now in the presence of the Saviour he loves. Thank You Jesus,

Loss Of My Husband

Loving Lord, it is so hard for a wife to have to face a life without her husband, and that is my situation now. It is so hard to go to bed each night and get up again each morning knowing that he will never be there for me. And Lord, he did so many little jobs for me around the house and took on all the responsibilities of the every day affairs of life, and Father, I dread having to face these things all alone and without his support.

Lord, I ask that You would be close to me, closer than You have ever been before for I can’t face these things alone. I am looking to You, trusting on You and believing in Your Word, for You have promised to be with me no matter what befalls.

Lord, keep me from brooding and feeling sorry for myself. I know it is good and right to grieve for a time, but help me to readjust to the fact of being all alone and help me Lord, to look to the future with hope and expectation as well as remembering the past with grateful thanks for the good times we enjoyed together.

I am trusting You Lord Jesus, trusting only You, trusting for Your grace and mercy and sufficiency to see me through. Thank You for always being there for me. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For The Loss Of My Mom

Heavenly Father, it has been so hard to finally come to terms with the fact that my precious Mom has finally passed away and losing her this way has been so difficult. My Mom had become such a special friend to me and there has never been a time when she was not there for me, to encourage and support as well as advise and correct, and now I feel somewhat disorientated to realise that I will never see her again this side of eternity.
Lord, I know that we all have to face death one day, but I am finding it quite hard to say goodbye. Please help me to come to terms with her death and get to the point where I can look back and celebrate and rejoice in all that she was to us all, and allow the deep feeling of loss to be replaced with a godly peace and joyful memories.
Lord, I do thank You for my Mom and for all that she meant to me. Thank You for her life and her selflessness, her wisdom and encouragement. May the lessons that I learned from her be reflected in what I say and do, and I do thank You that death is not a final separation but that in Christ, we will one day be reunited. What a wonderful realisation that not even death can separate us from our loved ones when we are all in Christ.  Thank You that You are my God and Saviour. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

Oh God, I am hurting and my grief is almost more than I can bear. Losing my spouse has been the most devastating event that has ever happened to me and I feel that I can hardly draw another breath because my loss is so acute. Lord Jesus, the loss of my spouse has caused a gaping hole in my life, which has become so acute that I seem to have be permanently numb through the pain of it all. Help me, I pray.
It seems as if all my life and strength has been drained from me and I feel so alone and so very, very lonely as well. I begin to realise how much we relied upon each other, and now I am alone and nothing seems sufficient to fill the gaping void. But Lord, I know that You came to comfort the broken-hearted. You came to lead us beside still waters and to gently carry up upon Your shoulder during those times when every ounce of strength has failed. You came to give beauty for ashes and to renew our strength with Your sufficient grace and Your never-failing love. Please help me to come through this sad time, I pray.
Refresh my soul and renew my spirit within me. Be my light in this dark period of my life, and may the light of Your love shine on my path and lighten the heaviness of my load.  Thank You that You are my Saviour and that I can rely on You when there is no one else for me. Thank You in Jesus' name,

Loss Of My Wife Due To An Affair

Dear Heavenly Father, my heart is so heavy as I have recently found out that my wife of many years has been having an affair with another man and has decided to walk away from our marriage. Lord, I am shattered and shocked to the core and coming to You to plead Your mercy on us both.

I pray Lord, for Your covering of hope and peace, and pray that You would help me to come to terms with all that has happened, as my life seems to be falling apart and there is nothing that I can do. But I trust in You and cast all my cares upon You and pray that in Your mercy You would convict her of her sins, not only against me but against You Lord.

Lord, we said our vows before You and I pray that she would turn away from this wrong decision and repent of her foolishness. Lord, heal our marriage I pray. In Jesus' name,


Prayers For Loss Of Uncle

Oh Lord, it is so hard to say good-bye to such a dearly loved uncle. I thank You, Lord, that He is removed from all the pain and sufferings of life and is now rejoicing in heavenly places with Jesus and all the saints of God, but I miss him already and I know that his passing is hard for all the family, and so I ask Lord that You would give comfort right now to all who are missing him, as much as I am.
Thank You, that he was my uncle and thank You for all the things that I have learned from him. Lord, we had such good times together and I am so grateful for all good advice that he has given me over the years.
Do give Your comfort and strength to the rest of the family as I know that there are those that will miss him greatly, and grieve for his passing, as they don’t know Jesus. So I pray that through his death those members of the family who are unsaved, would draw their comfort from Jesus, and come to know Him as their personal Saviour. Thank You, in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Loss Of Wife

Loving Lord, losing my wife is so hard and I feel so alone and helpless right now. I know Lord, that death is not the end for those that trust in You, but it is still hard to have to face a life without my dear wife at my side. I know there were some occasions when I took her for granted, but she meant so much to me and her life was such a beautiful reflection of the Lord Jesus, and now that she has gone, I realise the big gap that she has left.
Keep me Lord from self-pity, which seems to be the emotion that is surfacing quite a lot, and replace it with a thankful heart for the good times we had together. Give me a spirit of peace I pray, and hope in believing, knowing death is only a door through which we all will one day pass.
Thank You for the time that we did spend together, and I ask You to give me respite from the sadness I feel, renewed hope in Christ’s promises and fresh insight into all that I am in Christ.  
Comfort my heart, knowing that we will one day meet up again on the heavenly shore and may I live my life looking to Jesus. This I ask in His name,

Prayer In Time Of Bereavement

Father, there are times when bereavement hits each one of us and sometimes the pain of losing a loved one leaves us numb and grieving, and so we lift up all those who have been recently bereaved and who are having to come to terms with the loss someone who was close to them. We lift up all who have recently lost a family member or a close friend or colleague, and pray that You would draw very close to them.
We pray that You would strengthen them and give them the comfort and solace that only comes from You, and we pray that each one would recognise their deepening need to turn to Christ, Who is the God of all comforts and Who comforts us in our affliction, sadness and pain.
Heal those who are broken-hearted, give strength to those that are grieving, and for those who do not yet know You as their Saviour, we pray that this would be a time when the truth of the glorious gospel of grace would shine into their hearts, so that they may become partakers of Your perfect peace and heavenly joy, in the knowledge that death is simply the doorway into Your glorious presence. This we ask in Jesus' name,

Prayer For A Sudden Loss

Loving Lord, we come to You in shock and grief over the suddenness of this tragic loss. Father, our hearts are confused and our minds are bewildered and saddened by this unexpected loss.
Please draw very close to all who are affected and we pray that Your perfect peace which passes understanding, would calm each heart and that You would provide necessary comfort and solace to those that are still in such deep shock.
Give wisdom to those that are ministering to the men and women who are so heartbroken by this shocking incident, and we pray that in Your own special way You would draw close to each person and that many would be drawn into a closer walk with Jesus. In His name we pray,

Prayers For Tragic Loss Of Life

Heavenly Father, we come You to lift up this tragic loss of life and pray that You would draw very close to those that have been left behind and are in grief and disbelief, and we pray that You would draw very close to all whose spirits are mourning this tragic loss of life.
Lord, draw very close to those that are broken-hearted, confused, needy or in any way afflicted by what has happened, and give them Your peace and hope in their hearts.
Comfort each one with Your love, strengthen each one by Your grace, draw close to those whose hearts are breaking and may each one lean on You and take their hope and strength from You, Whom to know is life eternal. In Jesus' name,