A Prayer For Strength In Loss

Lord, it was You that made us in Your image, with emotions and feelings, and I am hurting so much because of this loss. Lord, I feel utterly bewildered by all that has gone on and hardly know which way to turn. I just need Your strength to uphold me in this time of such enormous loss and such overwhelming grief.
I know that the Bible says that underneath are Your everlasting arms, and Lord, my pain is so deep that I really need Your grace and strength to comfort and succour me at this time. I ask You to draw very close to me and let me feel Your presence alongside me, in this difficult time of such great sadness.
Give me peace in my heart and comfort me I pray. Lead me by still waters and restore my soul. Keep my faith from faltering, hold me close to Your heart of love, and bind up my brokenness. The Bible says that You came to heal up the broken-hearted and refresh the soul of those that are hurting. Lord, today I ask that You would help and strengthen me in this time of loss. In Jesus' name,