Prayer for Luke

Heavenly Father, thank You for the good news of the gospel of Christ and for our Salvation which is ours by grace through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank You for the truth of Your Word and for the wonderful message of grace that is extended to all who trust in Christ for Salvation. Help me to hold fast in the evil day, knowing that Christ is returning to take us to be with Himself in the very near future - to Whom be all praise and glory, AMEN.

“That thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed.”
(Luke 1:4)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the beautiful picture of a woman who trusted You and was rewarded in the autumn days of her live, in the most supernatural way. May we learn to trust You in every eventuality of life – even when we think that our opportunities are well past. Use me, I pray, in Your service, and may I be fruitful all the days of my life – this I ask in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And they had no child, because that Elisabeth was barren, and they both were now well stricken in years.”
(Luke 1:7)

Father, I pray that You would make me increasingly sensitive to Your Word and responsive to your leading and guidance. Open my ears to hear to Your still small voice within my heart, and help me to discern the the many and various messengers that you graciously place in my path. Lord, that I may love you more dearly and hear you more clearly with each passing day, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And there appeared unto him an angel of the Lord standing on the right side of the altar of incense.”
(Luke 1:11)

Prayer For Attitude Of Gratitude

Father I want to lift up my hands and voice to worship You in thanksgiving and praise, for all the goodness and loving-kindness that You so freely pour out on me.. with every passing day.
Thank You for the grace that You supply moment by moment and day by day and I pray that You would develop in me a true attitude of gratefulness and a heart that acknowledges the long-suffering way that You are working in so many area of my life.
Lord I am so very grateful to You and pray that You would keep my heart filled with appreciation for all You have done for me.. and develop in me a godly attitude of gratefulness – so that I may never cease to praise You for Your gracious goodness to me and to all people.
May I learn to recognise that all the gifts and graces I have is a result of Your loving-kindness towards me. and may I never cease to lift up my hands and voice to You in grateful praise for all You are doing in my life. May the Lord Jesus be glorified I pray,

“And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”
(Luke 1:17)
Category: Prayers for Gratitude

Heavenly Father, thank You that You have given us all that we need to live godly in Christ Jesus.. as we watch and wait for His any day return, to take us to be with Himself. Help me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and to prepare for that day when Christ comes to take the church to be with Himself. Give me wisdom, insight, discernment and understanding.. as I watch and wait for Christ's any day return and keep my heart pure before You.. in thought and in deed - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth,”
(Luke 1:26)

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us such a beautiful picture of the girl that You used to bring the Lord Jesus into the world. Thank You, that along with her, we are all enabled to rejoice in Jesus as our God and Saviour. Thank You that we have the indwelling Holy Spirit of Christ, and that He is with each one of us, every moment of the day. We rejoice with Mary and with all the saints in heaven that by His blood we are redeemed, and have become a new creation in Christ - in Whose name we pray, AMEN.

“And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”
(Luke 1:28)

Loving Father, thank You for Jesus and for the wonderful way that You used the nation of Israel to protect and carry the Seed of Christ through the generations. Thank You that I am saved by His blood and have become Your child. I pray for the day when Israel recognises Jesus as their Messiah and Saviour, and for the promise that He will save them from their sin and unbelief, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS.”
(Luke 1:31)

Loving Father, thank You for the wonderful miracle of new life in Christ that only could come because You sent Your only begotten Son to be born and die so that I may be reborn and live. Thank You that Jesus is coming again – to fulfil all that You have promised – I scarce can take it in, but praise Your holy name, AMEN.

“He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:”
(Luke 1:32)

Heavenly Father, thank You that in Your goodness and grace You looked down on our sinful race and despite our sinful rebellion You purposed in Your heart to save us from the terrible consequences of our sin.. by sending Your only begotten Son to become the sacrifice for our sins - so that through Him we might not perish but have everlasting life. To Him be all praise and glory, for ever and ever, AMEN .

“And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.”
(Luke 1:33)

Heavenly Father, thank You that You take the simple things of life and servants that are humble in spirit to be lifted up and used by You to Your praise and glory. I pray that I would walk humbly before You all the days of my life and that You would use me in whatever way You choose - to Your praise and glory - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”
(Luke 1:35)

Loving Father, thank You for Your Word and the many promises that fill its pages. Thank You that nothing is impossible with respect to any of Your precious promises not only to me individually but to all people. Forgive me for the times I have doubted Your Word and help me to stand firm in all that You have promised, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”
(Luke 1:37)

Prayer For Women Planning An Abortion

Heavenly Father we know that every good and perfect gift comes from You and that children are a special heritage from the Lord. But Father, we also know that the enemy of our soul seeks to kill and destroy all that is from You, and especially the lives of little babies in the womb.

And so we lift up all women who may be planning to have an abortion, or who have been deceived into thinking that this is a woman’s right, rather than a sin against their creator God – and we pray that You would create in their hearts a desire to do what is right and a realisation of the evil that surrounds the practice of abortion, that they themselves are considering

Bring into the life of each mother those that would give godly counsel and change the hearts of those who have already made a decision to go down the route of abortion.

Instil in the heart of each woman a deep love for the baby they are carrying and we pray that many may be prompted to turn from their planned abortion and look to the Lord Jesus.. for the grace do what is right - this we ask in Jesus name,


“And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost:”
(Luke 1:41)
Category: Prayer for Abortion

Loving Father my heart wants to swell with songs of rejoicing and praise. Thank You for choosing me to be one of Your bond-slaves. Thank You that You have done great things for me - and holy is Your name. I offer You this sacrifice of praise in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.”
(Luke 1:45)

Loving Father, the more I come to understand Your amazing grace towards me, the more my soul and spirit unite in glorifying Your holy name and worshipping You, my Saviour and Lord. I pray, in Jesus’ name, that I may be used to share the wonders of Your saving grace to others, AMEN.

“And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,”
(Luke 1:46)

Loving Father, increase my longing and desire for You, for I realise it is only as I seek You in poverty of spirit that my heart is fully satisfied. And Father I trust You Lord to supply all my temporal needs as well as my spiritual ones - and so I pray in Jesus name, that You will create in me an ever-deeper heart-longing for You, AMEN.

“He hath filled the hungry with good things; and the rich he hath sent empty away.”
(Luke 1:53)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the many insights we have into the life of Zacharias, Elizabeth and the birth of John, their firstborn son. Thank You for his lovely testimony to Your faithfulness and grace and we praise You for the word of truth, that leads and guides us during our sojourn on earth. Thank You that You are a God Who hears and answers prayer and thank You for the Scriptures, which provides us with all we need to live righteously in Your sight. Help me to live by faith and not by sight and to take every thought captive to Christ, for His dear name’s sake, this we ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And he asked for a writing table, and wrote, saying, His name is John. And they marvelled all.”
(Luke 1:63)

Father thank You for sending Jesus to be the horn of my Salvation. Thank You that He saved me simply because I trusted in Him as Saviour – praise Your name for ever, AMEN.

“And hath raised up an horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David;”
(Luke 1:69)

Dear loving heavenly Father, how we praise Your glorious name for sending the Dayspring from heaven to be our Saviour and Lord – to be our Light in a world of darkness and Life for all of us who trust in Your name, AMEN.

“Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,”
(Luke 1:78)

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word, and the lessons that I can learn from its pages. Thank You that You are a God Who keeps His promises and never fails to complete the good work that You have started, in each of our lives. Help me to trust You in all things, even when circumstances seem to scream the opposite. Keep me looking to Jesus and walking in the light of Your salvation. Thank You that You are my joy and rejoicing, and that by Christ’s death and resurrection, the power of sin and death has been broken in my life, and the lives of all who trust in Him, for the forgiveness of sins – thank You in Jesus name, AMEN.

“To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”
(Luke 1:79)

Heavenly Father, thank You that just as in the times of Mary and Joseph Your plans and purposes for mankind could not be thwarted by Satan's evil manipulation nor obstructed by the work of evil men and their corrupt governments. We thank You that today You remain in ultimate control of all things - and although the nations conspire against Your people Israel, rage against Your Body, (the Church), and seek to break free from God's ultimate, sovereign authority- we praise and thank You that You remain in control and that the day is coming when You will break the nations with a rod of iron ; and dash them to pieces like pottery. Until then we pray that You will use us to Your praise and glory - this we ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.”
(Luke 2:1)

Heavenly Father, thank You in Jesus name, for purposing to redeem mankind, by sending Him to be born in Bethlehem of Judea, on that astonishing night, while shepherds watched their flocks. Thank You for the good news of great joy, which is for all people, who trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. Thank You that You did not leave us dead in our sins, but purposed, from the foundation of the world, to give Jesus as the perfect Lamb of God, Who would take away the sin of the world and become the good Shepherd of the sheep, for all who would trust in His holy name. Thank You that in Christ I have nothing to fear and everything to be thankful - thank You in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.”
(Luke 2:10)

Heavenly Father, when I consider the many pointers that the religious leaders were given, it seems astonishing that they missed the truth of Christ's coming. Keep me from missing the truths that are contained within Your Word, through my own pride or biased opinions. Keep me low at the cross, broken before You and teachable in heart and soul. Thank You for the clarity of the gospel of grace and for the many biblical proofs and prophecies that point us to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Thank You for sending Jesus to be the Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world, and that by faith in His Persona and work, I have been forgiven of my sin and received eternal life - not only in this age but in the ages to come. Thank You in Jesus name. AMEN.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”
(Luke 2:11)

Heavenly Father, thank You that I have peace with God, and that as Your born-again child, I have received Your goodwill and grace, not only in this age but in the ages to come. Thank You, that because I am positioned in Christ and clothed in His righteousness, I am identified with Him and have found favour in Your sight and the peace of God in my heart. I know that without Jesus there is nothing I could have done to warrant peace with You, for I acknowledge that I am a sinner, deserving of death - but glory to God in the highest, that peace has been granted to men, with whom You are pleased - by faith, in the only begotten Son of God, in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”
(Luke 2:14)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the wonderful witness of this life of Simeon, who demonstrated a childlike trust in You and expected Your word to be fulfilled to the letter. Thank You that Jesus is that light to the gentiles and thank You that the light of His love and forgiveness has shone into my heart so that I am saved by grace through faith in Him - thank You in Jesus name, AMEN

“A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.”
(Luke 2:32)

Prayer For All Our Grandchildren

Loving heavenly Father, Thank You for the gift of my precious children and what a privilege it is to see my grandchildren growing up and learning about You. Thank You Father for each little life and I lift each one up to You Lord, and pray that by Your grace and love You would surround them with Your love, throughout their lives.

Guard and guide them all I pray and uphold and protect them. May each one come to know You Lord as their personal Saviour and may they all come to a deep understanding of all You are and all that You have done for them - Oh Lord I pray most earnestly that each one would accept You into their hearts and lives as their Lord and Saviour.

I pray that as they grow into their teens and become young adults that You would keep their hearts and minds turned to You and trusting in Jesus, for their every need. Protect each one from the philosophies and mindset of the world that are so contrary to the truth of Scripture and may each one grow in grace and become strong in their faith as they develop in wisdom and discernment.

Protect them from the evils of this age, keep them from temptations and help them to live godly lives and to develop as responsible adults who will teach their own children the wonderful truth of Salvation through Christ Jesus our Lord,


“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”
(Luke 2:52)
Category: Prayers for Grandchildren

Heavenly Father, the message of salvation is truly glorious, and yet challenging and very sober. There were many at the end of the dispensation of Israel, who turned their heart against the gospel - just as there are many today, who similarly refuse to believe the message of salvation by grace, through faith in Christ. We pray, that as the time for Christ's return draws ever closer, that You would draw increasing numbers of men and women to Yourself. Use me, I pray, to be a mouthpiece in my generation, just as John the Baptist proclaimed the truth in his. May Your name be glorified, in Jesus name we pray, AMEN.

“Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”
(Luke 3:7)

Lord, teach me how to pray as Christ prayed. Teach me to live my life in constant and continuous communion with You - to Your praise and glory, AMEN.

“Now when all the people were baptized, it came to pass, that Jesus also being baptized, and praying, the heaven was opened,”
(Luke 3:21)

Heavenly Father, How I thank You for sending Jesus to be my Saviour. Thank You for Your Word of truth which reminds me of all that Christ has done for me. May I live my life for Him - so that He increases and I decrease to His praise and glory, AMEN

“And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.”
(Luke 3:22)

Father I kneel in awe and wonder as I contemplate Who You are and what You have done for me - You are worthy of my eternal love and praise, for ever and ever, AMEN.

“Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.”
(Luke 3:38)

Prayer Against The Temptation To Return To My Addiction

Dear Lord, how I thank You for Your grace towards me for you have lifted me up out of the pit that my life was in and set my feet on the rock of my Salvation, which is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Thank You for freeing me from the shame and sin of my addiction, which has robbed me of so many of years of my life and caused me to lose not only my home but many of my friends and family as well.

Lord Jesus there are those that would seek to entice me back into the shadow from which I escaped and are trying to almost blackmail me into returning back to my life of crime and debauchery – but I have been set free and I do not want to return – keep me from temptation on those occasions when I feel alone and protect me from the pressures that I have been put under on certain occasions to return.

Lord I know that ALL my past sins have been forgiven and that I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus – keep me walking in the path of holiness and protect me from those that are still slaves to their addictions – I pray Lord that You will rescue those of my friends that are still enthralled in the world of addiction – I ask this in Jesus name.


“And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,”
(Luke 4:1)
Category: Prayers for Addiction

Heavenly Father, thank You that Jesus lived His life in the power of the Holy Spirit as the perfect example of how I should live my life. I pray that I may walk in spirit and truth and submit each day to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit - in total dependence upon You. Thank You that I was placed into the body of Christ when I first believed and thank You that by faith I have Your life within. I pray that from this day forward.. I will choose to willingly walk in spirit and truth, as the Holy Spirit leads, guides, fills and empowers me. This I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.”
(Luke 4:14)

Heavenly Father, I stand amazed that You should love me so much that You sent the Lord Jesus to be my Saviour.. to be wounded on my account; to die a cruel death on my behalf and rise again the third day, so that by grace through faith in Him I have been redeemed from the pit; healed of my wounds; set free from slavery to sin; given a new life in Christ and found my rest in Him. May I live My life in humble dependence upon You day by day, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,”
(Luke 4:18)

Heavenly Father, thank you for this glorious dispensation of grace. Thank You for saving me. Help me to live godly in Christ Jesus, as I look for Your any day return, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”
(Luke 4:19)

Prayer For Healing After An Abortion

Loving Lord, I come to You and confess my sin of abortion, and ask that Your healing grace would touch my heart today. The remembrance of it is eating me inside and I need Your healing grace and loving forgiveness.

I cast this great burden onto You, knowing that You have promised to heal those that are broken-hearted and to bind up the inner wounds of those that are hurting.

I know that the consequences of our wrong choices can bring much pain, but I also know that You are a God Who has promised to forgive and heal all who come to You with a contrite heart and that You will remember our sins no more.

Forgive me Lord, heal my life.. create in me a clean hear I pray and renew a right spirit within me – this I ask in Jesus name,


“And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.”
(Luke 4:21)
Category: Prayer for Abortion

Prayer For Israel’s Rain

Heavenly Father, You have promised give Your people their rain in due season so that the land may bring forth its increase. You have promised to send the early and the latter rains and we thank You for Your faithfulness in watering the land of Israel for so many years.

Lord we come again to pray that You would refill us like the Sea of Galilee and pour refreshing rains on the land, so that the rivers will be filled and the land will blossom and bloom and yield its harvest in due season.

Lord as a nation Israel had strayed far from You and has even failed to recognise their Saviour and King - and yet You have not forgotten Your own chosen people and have continued to bless them, despite their unbelief and blindness to the truth of the glorious gospel of Christ. Father we pray for Israel, that You would send an abundance of rain to fill up the depleted reservoirs of water.

Water Your land and bless Your people, Israel we pray and we pray that many may come to recognise the Lord Jesus as their God and Saviour, in Whose name we pray,


“But I tell you of a truth, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elias, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, when great famine was throughout all the land;”
(Luke 4:25)
Category: Prayers for Rain

Heavenly Father, thank You for this beautiful story which demonstrates Your power and compassion. May I never forget Who You are - both in Your Majesty as my God and in Your compassion as My Brother - in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.”
(Luke 4:40)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the truths that are written in Your Word and for the many lessons that they teach us. May I set all that I am and all that I have aside so that Christ will become an increasing reality in my life - until I am nothing and HE is everything - to Whom be all praise and glory and in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”
(Luke 5:8)

Prayer For The Recovery Of A Friend

Dear God, You are the giver of life and health and You are the healer of the sick and the suffering – we pray for a dear friend who is in distress with ill-health today and pray that You would help them to come to a full recovery and restore them to wholeness, health and strength.

Lord I do ask that You would meet my friend at their point of need – not only in their physical suffering but also in their spiritual sickness. Lord my dear friend not only needs recovery of their physical health but recovery of their spiritual lack and the emotional pain - that seems to be making their physical problem so much worse.

Administer all Your gifts of health and healing for body and mind I pray and multiply Your blessings and grace towards them so that they may be fully restored and come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of You, in Jesus name,

“And when they could not find by what way they might bring him in because of the multitude, they went upon the housetop, and let him down through the tiling with his couch into the midst before Jesus.”
(Luke 5:19)
Category: Prayers for Recovery

Heavenly Father, there are many in that need Your healing hand upon their lives. Thank You that You came to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free from their bondage of sin. Father we pray that many would recognise their brokenness and diseased lives, and admit their need of Your touch upon their lives. Thank You that Christ died to pay the terrible price for our sin, and that through His blood we are healed and made whole. Use me to share this good news with those with whom I come in contact today - this I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.”
(Luke 5:31)

Loving Father, how I praise Your name for Your wonderful plan of redemption – and that You looked down at the sin of humanity and sent Christ Jesus to call sinners to turn from their sins, and trust Jesus as their one and only Saviour – by grace through faith in Him, AMEN.

“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”
(Luke 5:32)

Heavenly Father, thank You that by faith in Christ I have a new nature. I pray that I may live and grow more like the Lord Jesus in the choices I make. Father I know that I can never love those that hate and despise me in my own strength... but I pray that in Your grace You would help me to make the right choices - so that my will is align to Your pefect will - so that Your love flows through me to others.. to Your praise and glory in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,”
(Luke 6:27)

Heavenly Father, my love is sometimes hard and cold. I pray that I may die to self and live for Christ so that His supernatural love may pour through me to others, to His praise and glory. Give me the grace to love my enemies.. as Christ loved those who nailed Him to the cross. Help me to say with Him - Father forgiven them, for they do not know what they are doing, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.”
(Luke 6:28)

Heavenly Father, the world is becoming more violent, and the love of many has grown stone-cold, and it is often a temptation to judge, condemn and retaliate against those that hurt, or harm us - or cause pain to those we love. Give me the grace to live as Christ lived and to love others as He loved. Help me to put this verse into action, in my everyday life, and to take up my cross and follow You - to Your praise and glory, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also.”
(Luke 6:29)

Heavenly Father, what a lesson to learn, on how to treat others. You did not treat me the way that I deserved, but instead You graciously came to die on the cross to take the punishment that I justly deserve. Forgive me for the times that I have dishonoured You by my response to those that have harmed me or done me wrong. Help me to live as You would have me to live, and to treat others in the way that I would like to be treated. Give me, I pray, the grace to do so.. for I know that in my own strength this is impossible - Thank You in Jesus name, AMEN.

“Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.”
(Luke 6:30)

Heavenly Father, I pray that my life may reflect the love and compassion that Christ had for me, in that while I was yet a sinner, He died for me - so that by faith in His name I might be saved from a lost eternity and receive the forgiveness of my sins. Help me to apply 'The Golden Rule' in my life, and give me the grace to love others with a Christ-like love, that comes from You alone. This I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”
(Luke 6:31)

Heavenly Father, my own, human love is found wanting, and without the love of Christ flowing through me, I am incapable of living as You would have me to live. Fill me day by day with the love of Christ, so that I may love my enemies, pray for those that despitefully use me, and show goodness and grace to others in need. Help me to reflect the godly characteristics of Christ in my everyday life, to His praise and glory. This I ask in His precious name, AMEN.

“But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.”
(Luke 6:35)

Heavenly Father, Thank You for the mercy and grace that You have shown to me, and to all who trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins. Thank You that You reached down in mercy to lift me up from the miry clay and placed my feet, firmly on Christ, the Rock of my salvation. May the unfathomable mercy that You have so graciously bestowed on me, flow through me to others, so that I may be merciful, just as You are so merciful to me. This I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.”
(Luke 6:36)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the simple yet universal principle of ‘giving to others and it will be given to you’. Thank You that You have given to Me over and above all that I could ask or think, by sending Jesus to pay the price for my sin, and that He rose again to give me life eternal. Too often I not lived as You would have me to live, nor have I always sown the love, mercy, generosity and kindness that honours You, but I pray that from today You would enable me to reflect the love, generosity, goodness and grace of Jesus Christ, in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”
(Luke 6:38)

Healing for a Friend in Pain

Look down with compassion on our friend, who has been confined to a bed of sickness and is in such great physical pain. Send comfort and healing I pray and in Your gracious kindness please strengthen and heal, whatever the problem is, that has caused this illness in their body.

In Jesus name I pray,

“And in that same hour he cured many of their infirmities and plagues, and of evil spirits; and unto many that were blind he gave sight.”
(Luke 7:21)
Category: Prayers for Healing

Prayer Of Gratitude For Love

Thank You Lord for loving me so much that You sent Your only begotten Son to die on my behalf on a cruel cross and take upon Himself my sins. Thank You that He identified with my sinfulness so that I might be identified with His righteousness, by grace through faith in Christ. How grateful I am that while I was still a lost sinner Christ died for me.
How thankful I am Lord that You searched me out and found me and brought me back into Your family, even though I was dead in my sins and at enmity with You. Praise Your holy name, for You are a good God and Your loving-kindness endures forever and I will be eternally grateful that You are my God and I am Your child.
Thank You that You are my helper and healer. Thank You that You are my refuge and strength and  thank You that You have surrounded me with people who love me dearly.. and whom I love too. Lord I do not deserve any of Your grace and goodness and yet day by day You pour new and rich mercies into my lap and cover me with Your blessings. Praise God that You are the Rock of my Salvation,

“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.”
(Luke 7:47)
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Prayer Of Gratitude For My Home And Family

Loving heavenly Father You have been with me in good times and in the bad times and I lift my hands up to You in gratitude for my home and for the family, into which You have so lovingly placed me.

You Lord have filled our home with so many blessings – and even when times have been tough and the circumstances of life have been very difficult, You have blessed me with such a loving family - which is becoming more and more of a blessing with each passing day – How I thank You Lord Jesus and bless Your holy name.

Thank You Lord for my parents, who have been so supportive of me -not only in my early years but also as I have grown older. I pray Your blessing on both of them and also on the wider family too – my aunts and uncles – brothers and sisters – nephews, nieces, cousins and grandparents – all of whom have been a blessing in their own special way.

I specially thank You for my spouse and the joy of seeing our own children born into the world and growing up into responsible adults – oh and Lord for the miracle of seeing the birth of my own precious grandchildren. What a joy this has been and how I praise You for all Your goodness and mercy to me.

And Lord thank You for all those who are in the wider body of Christ, – my brothers and sisters around the world, that have become such and important part of my eternal family. Thank You for the wonderful joy of knowing that we will all be united with You in love in heavenly places in the days to come, when we are given our glorified bodies in the eternal state. There are no words that are sufficient to express the gratitude I have that You are my Father –my Brother - my Lover – my Friend, in Jesus name I pray,

“Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him.”
(Luke 8:39)
Category: Prayers for Gratitude

Heavenly Father, I pray that I may love and welcome You in my heart.. for Who You are, and for what Christ has done for me, by dying on the cross so that I might live in Him. Keep me from following You for the wrong reasons.. and I pray that I may live my life in grateful thanks - for Your glory, because of what you have done for me - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing.”
(Luke 9:11)

Heavenly Father, I confess with many saints down through this dispensation of grace that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, the Christ of God, the Saviour of the world and the Redeemer of my soul - to Whom be all praise and glory, AMEN.

“He said unto them, But whom say ye that I am? Peter answering said, The Christ of God.”
(Luke 9:20)

Loving Father, more and more I want to surrender my life to You, to take up my cross daily as a willing sacrifice and to cry out, Thy will not mine be done. I pray that my old self-life will remain firmly nailed to the cross as I submit to Your leading and guiding in all I say and do, in Christ’s name I pray, AMEN.

“And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”
(Luke 9:23)

Father God, I praise and thank You for the Word of God - the living Word and written Word. Help me to read; mark; learn; inwardly digest and act on all that is contained within its pages. I pray that I may glimpse more and more of Your glory as I learn of You, in spirit and in truth - in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son: hear him.”
(Luke 9:35)

Prayer For The Recovery For A Sick Child

Almighty and most merciful God I bring before You this little child who is suffering such pain and discomfort - and I ask that in Your grace and mercy You would raise them back up into full health and strength and work a speedy recovery.

The Lord Jesus took little children in His arms of love and blessed them and I pray that in a very special way You would put Your arms of love and blessing around this little one and minister to each need and every pain.

Little ones do not understand why they are feeling so poorly and I just ask that You would have compassion for this little child and take away any fear and pain - and multiply Your grace so that they come to a quick and lasting recovery….

Thank You Lord in Jesus name we pray,

“And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down, and tare him. And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father.”
(Luke 9:42)
Category: Prayers for Recovery

Heavenly Father, thank You that through the witness of Your Word and the faithful service of others Christians I heard the good news of the gospel and have come to faith in Christ - Who alone has the words of eternal life. I pray that You would use me in the place where You have put me so that others may hear the good news of the gospel of grace and be saved by Your goodness and grace - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.”
(Luke 10:1)

Heavenly Father, we praise and thank You for our great salvation. Thank You for the many blessings that are showered upon us day by day. How we praise and thank You.. that by grace through faith in Christ, we are one with Him.. and that our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Praise Your holy name, in Jesus name we pray, AMEN.

“Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”
(Luke 10:20)

Heavenly Father, thank You that Jesus died for my sins so that by faith in Him I will not perish by have everlasting life. Keep me from legalistic thinking that I can able to DO something to add to Christ finished work on the cross. Thank You that by faith in HIM I have been forgiven of my sins and received eternal life as a free gift of grace - not of works of Law, lest I should start to boast in my own righteousness.. but only by grace through faith in Christ Jesus my Saviour. Praise His holy name, AMEN

“And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”
(Luke 10:25)

Heavenly Father, thank You for showing me that I can never attain to the perfect standard that You require for entrance into eternal life, but I praise and thank You that Jesus paid the price for my failure to attain to the perfect standard of the Law and in so doing has given me forgiveness of sin and life everlasting - simply by grace through faith in His finished work on Calvary - to Him be all praise and glory for ever and ever, AMEN.

“And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”
(Luke 10:27)

Heavenly Father I desire to be faithful to all You command us to do. I pray that I would choose the better part and sit at Your feet day by day so that my spirit may be refreshed and my soul revived - and so I may be used by You as a vessel for Your praise and glory, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”
(Luke 10:42)

Prayer To Find The Root Of My Health Problem

Heavenly Father, I seem to have been hit with a number of ailments all at the same time, and the doctors do not seem to know why this has happened, or how to treat me. Lord, You know exactly what is wrong with my body and I ask that You would direct me toward the right treatment- not just to mask the conditions that have invaded my body, but to search out the root of the problem, and enable it to be cured, I pray.

Lord, I know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that You even know the number of hairs on my head. You knew me before I was born and scheduled every day of my life – so this illness is nothing unexpected to You. Heal me Lord I pray – in whatever way seems best to You.

Lord, show me what I ought to do, I pray - if I need to change my eating habits, eliminate something from my diet or do something I have not thought about, I ask that You would direct me, or prompt someone else give me some advice.

Lord I wait on You and pray that in Your time and in Your way You will not only restore my body to full health and strength – but that You would give me Your peace and serenity in my heart – knowing that in all things, I am safe in the arms of my Saviour, in Whose name I pray,

“And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”
(Luke 11:1)
Category: Prayers for Health

Heavenly Father, I that You that You are my Father and that I can call you Abba. I thank You that You sent Jesus to die for me and to give me His resurrection life within my heart. I praise and glorify Your holy name for You are my Peace, my Shepherd, my Rock and my Salvation. I pray that Your will be done in my life to Your praise and glory and that Your will be done in the world, in my country, my home, my Church family and the nation of Israel. I pray that You govern my heart and rule my life and that I reflect the love and beauty of Christ to all with whom I come in contact today, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN/

“And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.”
(Luke 11:2)

For My Brother Caught Up In Alcohol

Dear God, is saddens me so much that my dear brother has become dependent on alcohol and he is so young to have been dragged into this destructive life-style. Lord it is having a very serious effect on his relationship with his whole family and he seems to have thrown away his life, which was so promising – and it saddens me deeply.

Lord He seems to have been dragged in so deeply into this addiction that I fear that he is unlikely to emerge from it – but my trust is in You and I pray that in Your love and grace You will reach down and convict him of his need of You and draw him back into a right relationship with You..

Father I know he needs to take responsibility for this serious addiction- but I know that at times it can be seen as an illness – Lord look down in pity I pray on my brother and help him become free – in Jesus name I pray,


“For a friend of mine in his journey is come to me, and I have nothing to set before him?”
(Luke 11:6)
Category: Prayer for Alcoholics

Prayer To Keep Me From Fear When Times Are Hard

Lord Jesus I come to You because when I look at the hard times that we are facing – my heart seems to fail as I don’t know which way to turn – except to You. Thank You that You have always been there for me and thank You that you have always come through with Your help in time of need - always at the right time and always in the right way.

Keep me from fear of what tomorrow may bring, knowing that I do not need to be afraid or fearful, because You have promised supply all my needs according to Your riches in mercy.

Thank YOU Lord, for Your Word which has so many beautiful truths and wonderful promises …that You are always there to help when times are hard – and thank You for this scripture from the Bible, which someone gave me today: do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Thank You for this lovely truth and for the many promises that You have given to all Your children. May my heart rest in You Lord and keep me from fear in these difficult times, in Jesus name I pray,

“But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.”
(Luke 12:5)
Category: Prayers for Hard Times

Loving Father, keep me from covetousness, carnal behaviour and envying the wicked, who seem to have everything in this world, while so many of Your children, so often seem to be so deprived. Help me to live my life in spirit and truth, so that by dying to self, I live for Christ, and thus live my life of the saving of the soul… my soul-life which will produce a great reward, in heaven. AMEN.



“And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”
(Luke 12:15)

Prayer Of Provision For All God’s Children

Spirit of the living God – fall afresh on me and sustain me with Your goodness - so that I may be a vessel that is fit to do Your bidding, Break me of my self-will and mould me into the person that You desire me to be – that I may be a witness to Your grace and speak boldly of Your great salvation – and help me to be ready always to give an answer for the hope that I have in Christ Jesus, my Lord,

In whose name I pray.

“But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?”
(Luke 12:20)
Category: Prayers for Healing

Father I confess that I worry about many things rather than trusting Your Word implicitly. Help me to learn to cast all my cares upon You. As each worry and concern forms in my mind I pray that with Your help, I will look to You and hand over my anxious thoughts, knowing that You have promised to carry me through all of life's difficulties and provide for the needs of me and my family. Thank You for your goodness and grace and I pray in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

“And he said unto his disciples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.”
(Luke 12:22)

Father God I thank You for the timely reminders throughout Your word that I am to cast all my concerns on You – all my physical, emotional, financial, relational, daily worries and fears – knowing that all things are under Your sovereign control. Thank You for providing all I have needed, and may I develop right-thinking in the everyday needs and necessities of life, knowing that every worry starts with a simple doubt against Your goodness – but that doubt is displaced when we trust in the Lord with all our heart and don’t lean on our own understanding. Help me to trust you in all things – this I pray in Jesus name, AMEN.

“Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”
(Luke 12:27)

Father You have shown me that every thought that comes into my mind can be turned to evil or good; worry and defeat; faith and victory. Thank You that I have access to the very mind of Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Help me to take every thought captive by turning my heart to YOU Lord Jesus, for in seeking You I will be seeking Your kingdom and Your righteousness which is the bedrock of faith in God - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
(Luke 12:31)

Loving Father, thank You that Your grace has been extended to all who will believe in the Lord Jesus as the good and great shepherd of all the lost people of the world, including me. Thank You for saving me and drawing me into Your eternal sheep-fold, in Jesus name I pray. AMEN.

“Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”
(Luke 12:32)

Prayer Accountability in a Christian Home

Loving Lord, You have placed us all in families and have, by Your own authority, established Your own statutes and laws. Thank You for placing us all in families and for my own family, in particular.

Thank You for the clarity with which You have taught us in Your word how that family that is seeking to do Your will, behaves… and the rolls that each of us holds within our own special family unit.

Thank You Lord, that You are our Father and have authorised the man of the home to take the place of authority, as the head of the family - just as You yourself are the Head of the family of God. May the men who are in this responsible role behave in a manner that is pleasing to You, by treating their wives with love and respect and their children with loving discipline and wise counsel. May they each become men after Your own heart as they assume their God-given role in their own homes.

May wives be gentle and gracious and willing to act in the crucial role of helper that You, Yourself have graciously placed them – may wives reflect the great love that Christ had for the Father and the sweet gentleness of the Holy Spirit – just as Jesus demonstrated these qualities in His own life… by submitting graciously to the Father’s will and desiring to do only those things that are pleasing to Him Give wives wisdom in the way that they behave towards their men-folk and may they grow in grace more and more as they walk in the steps of the lovely Lord Jesus Christ – Who was so full grace and truth.

Thank You for the heritage and gift of children, who we understand are a gift from God – a gift that has been lent from the Lord and a gift that You have graciously placed in so many families. And we pray that You would give all parents the grace and wisdom to teach and discipline their children in loving-kindness– and may the children themselves respect their parents and recognise the privilege they have in being part of a godly family unit. Loving Lord thank You for my family – and into YOUR hands I commit my family, from this day forward, even for evermore.

“But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”
(Luke 12:48)
Category: Prayer for Accountability

To Be Reconciled After Childish Behabiour

Lord, what a mess we have both caused in our relationship and though we are both to blame in one way or another.. between us we have walked away from a special relationship that we both felt was brought about by Your grace.

Please Lord, visit my boyfriend and me – we are both miserable and we both are smarting from some of the unkind things that we said to each other. We have both acted childishly and unwisely and we need to face this difficulty soon - if we are ever going to be reconciled.

Lord we both need to be forgiven and I certainly repent of my part in our break-up – I ask Your forgiveness and pray that You will teach me how to live in a manner that is pleasing to You and not to gratify my own desires.

Lord whatever happens, in Your strength I pray that I will not play emotional ‘blackmail’ with another person. Keep me for childish stupidity and I pray that in Your grace You would bring us both to a point where we can be reconciled back to each other and have learned by our mistakes – Make me more like Jesus I pray.

Thank You Lord Jesus,

“When thou goest with thine adversary to the magistrate, as thou art in the way, give diligence that thou mayest be delivered from him; lest he hale thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and the officer cast thee into prison.”
(Luke 12:58)
Category: Prayers for Reconciliation

Heavenly Father, thank You that You have proved to be a good and gracious God, Whose promises stand fast for ever and ever. We pray that many in both Israel and the Gentile nations would repent of their sins and turn to Christ for the salvation of their sins.. And thank You that my salvation does not rely on what I have done, but by faith in what Christ accomplished on my behalf upon the cross of Calvary.. in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!”
(Luke 13:34)

Heavenly Father, Thank You that I am saved by grace through faith in Christ's finished work on Calvary - but Lord I want to be Your disciple and to take up my own cross daily and follow You in humble obedience. I pray that I may willingly submit to Your will in every area of my life and to share in Christ's sufferings, so that I may be continuously transformed by His death into the likeness of Christ, to Your praise and glory. This I pray in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.”
(Luke 14:27)

Search my heart I pray and identify in me any form of self-righteousness or pride that needs to be rooted out. Thank You that in Christ I have already been declared righteous and accepted in the Beloved . But I pray that I may walk in spirit and truth and keep my self-life in the place of death so that the new life of Christ, which I received at salvation may grow in grace and mature in the faith. This I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And he said, A certain man had two sons:”
(Luke 15:11)

Heavenly Father, there is nothing that commends me to You, and yet in Your grace, You have washed away my sin, through the blood of Jesus Christ, my sacrifice for sin. I confess that I have not loved and served You as I ought, and have too often, placed my own selfish desires before obedience to Your Word. I admit, Lord, that I have done many things that are unworthy of Your name - but thank You, that in Christ all my sins have been washed away. Keep me low at the cross and broken before You, all the days of my life - this I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son.”
(Luke 15:21)

Prayer For A Grandchild Who Has Gone Astray

Dear Loving Lord, how grieved I am that my precious grandchild whom I love so dearly has chosen to walk away from you and to seemingly forge a future without God in their life.

Lord You know that this dear grandchild has been taught the truth of Scripture from the cradle and has been covered in pray from many quarters – even before being born. And Lord, You know that as a child they were taught the truth of the Lord Jesus and even made a commitment at an early age to accept You as their Saviour… Father it grieves and saddens me and I plead with You to intervene in their life and bring them back to You..

Father I know that nothing can snatch Your little lambs from Your hands or Your Father’s hands –and I trust You Lord, that You will keep Your hand upon my grandchild so that they return into Your loving arms of forgiveness….

Thank You Lord that even we become careless and unfaithful to You- You never give up on us.. Lord I trust the future of my grandchild into YOUR hands and pray that whatever it takes – You would draw them back into the way of truth, in Jesus name I pray,


“It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found.”
(Luke 15:32)
Category: Prayers for Grandchildren

Heavenly Father, keep me from ungodly and unprincipled thinking. Keep the eyes of my heart looking to Jesus for my provision and protection and prevent me I pray from looking to my own bank-balance or any other source of supply for my security. May I have an undivided heart that looks to Jesus the Author and Finisher of my faith.. and in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”
(Luke 16:13)

Prayer Of Gratitude For Work

Heavenly Father I am so grateful for my work,, and I want to praise and thank You that You have graciously provided this for job me.
Thank You that through my work I am enabled to provide for our daily needs and necessities, and I give You all the praise and glory.
I pray that I may work in my job in a manner that is honouring to Your name,, and keep me willing and able I pray.. to perform all the tasks and duties that are set before me, with integrity and diligence.
Thank You for the other workers and team members here and I am grateful for the many lessons that You are teaching me through this position. May Jesus continue to be glorified in all I say and do in His name I pray,

“So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.”
(Luke 17:10)
Category: Prayers for Gratitude

Loving Father, help me I pray to remain clean before You in thought, word and deed so that I may maintain that attitude of unbroken communion with You - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;”
(Luke 18:1)

Heavenly Father, help me to maintain a trusting attitude of prayer, knowing that any perceived delay is Your willing preparation. Thank You that You are my Father and I am Your child, in Jesus name, AMEN.

“And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?”
(Luke 18:7)

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your great grace, and for opening my eyes to the gospel of the grace of God. Lord I ask that You would guide me into all truth and that You would protect me from false teachings and doctrines of demons. I pray that I may grow in grace, and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus, and that You would use me to forward Your plans and purpose, as You see fit in my life, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“Saying, What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee? And he said, Lord, that I may receive my sight.”
(Luke 18:41)

Heavenly Father, thank You that You came to seek and to save a lost sinner like me and for the amazing love and grace You have bestowed upon me. Thank You for forgiving my sins, for bringing salvation into my heart and for making it Your dwelling place. Keep me humble in heart, meek in spirit and submissive to Your Holy Spirit, and may I be used to Your greater glory in all I say and do today, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”
(Luke 19:10)

Loving Lord, thank You for the gifts and talents, abilities and works which You have prepared for me to do. May they increase, enlarge, and overflow in abundance as I seek to live my life in spirit and truth, AMEN.

“For I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him.”
(Luke 19:26)

Prayer and Praise During Advent

Dear heavenly Father, at this time of the year when the Church remembers the first coming of our Lord and Saviour into the world, we want to lift up our hearts and voices in prayer and praise to You, for sending the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to be our Saviour– so that through his blood we may be brought back into a right relationship with Yourself and receive the gift of eternal life – by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

At this time our thoughts are specially drawn in remembrance to the wonderful time, so long ago, when God in His grace sent the eternal Son of His love into the world to become the propitiation for our sins. How we rejoice when we recall that He set aside His glory and great majesty to take on the form of a man and be born into this world as a tiny baby, in such humble circumstances.

Lord in a world that is become more secular, I pray that the people of God who are called by Your name would take time to reflect with awe and wonder on this amazing truth and to prepare our hearts for the time when Jesus Christ will return again in power and great glory at His second Advent..

Purify our hearts we pray and sanctify our lives so they we may serve you in newness of life not only in this special season of Advent but every day of our lives – until You come to take us to be with You forever, in Jesus name we pray,

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;”
(Luke 21:25)
Category: Prayers for Advent

Loving Father, it is staggering to try to realise that God Himself took on mortal flesh so that He could come and pay the price for my sin, so that I could be forgiven. It is indeed a thing of eternal wonderment that God should clothe Himself in human flesh to become the only possible sacrifice for sin... it is a thing of everlasting thanksgiving - that Christ broke His body and spilt His life-blood - so that by believing on His name, I might have life everlasting, for which I praise Your name for ever and ever, AMEN.

“And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.”
(Luke 22:19)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the beautiful example of Christ's sacrificial service. May we reflect His goodness, His greatness - His humility and His grace as we seek to live our lives in service to others- to His praise and glory.. in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“For whether is greater, he that sitteth at meat, or he that serveth? is not he that sitteth at meat? but I am among you as he that serveth.”
(Luke 22:27)

Loving Father, guard me and guide in life and keep me from the assails of the evil one, but when the attacks of Satan do come, I just want to say Lord, that I trust my life into Your hands, knowing that You will work all things together for my eternal benefit and to the glory of Your name, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:”
(Luke 22:31)

Loving Father, thank You for the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is my heavenly intercessor. I pray that in all the trials of life, I may come out as pure gold – not having confidence in myself, but in Him Who died for me, in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”
(Luke 22:32)

Heavenly Father I pray that I may maintain a close and intimate fellowship with You so that I may be ready and willing to pray not My will, but Yours, be done. in Jesus name, AMEN.

“Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”
(Luke 22:42)

Prayer For Forgiveness After and Abortion

Heavenly Father we lift up all those women and mothers whose hearts are aching because of their decision to have an abortion and who are now riddled with guilt, because of their choices.

We also lift up those whose freely chose to abort their babies, based on their own selfishness attitude.. thinking that a baby in their life would spoil the prearranged plans they had made or inhibit their desired destiny.

We pray Your mercy and forgiveness over each one and ask that in a very special way You would come alongside each woman who has made a decision to terminate their pregnancy – and meet each one at their very point of need.

Comfort those that are grieving, support those that are weak and convict those that have rejected the sacredness of a human life – and bring each one we pray, to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus, and an assurance of Your gracious forgiveness. This we ask in Jesus name.


“Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.”
(Luke 23:34)
Category: Prayer for Abortion

Thank You Father for the inestimable gift of salvation that is given to all that trust in the name of the Lord. I thank You that the way into the paradise of God has been reopened through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and that my sins, past, present and future have all been forgiven simply because I trust on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

“And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”
(Luke 23:43)

Dear Heavenly Father, at times I am overwhelmed by Your love and grace towards me a sinner, that You should send Your only Son to die and experience death in my place. Thank You that I am safe in Your hands forever, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.”
(Luke 23:46)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the Word of God and the gracious truths that it contains. Thank You for the multiple brushstrokes of complimentary colour, that provide us with the most precious account of that pivotal point in history – a moment that has changed the life and eternal futures of ALL who have believed on His name – May Jesus Christ be praised – in Whose name I pray. AMEN.

“And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre.”
(Luke 24:2)

Heavenly Father, thank You that Christ died for my sins and rose again third day. Thank You that You identified with my sinfulness so that I could identify with Your resurrected life. I pray that all the confusion, perplexity, anguish and sorrow I am called upon to face will bring forth the fruit of righteousness to Your praise and glory - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN

“He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee,”
(Luke 24:6)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the way that You used the distress and pain of Your dear disciples to teach us that You can take what is evil and unsettling and turn it for our good and for Your eternal glory. Open my eyes to see the wonderful things in Your word and help me to trust in Your greater plans and purposes, even when my physical senses and imagination suggest the opposite. Increase my faith in You for Your greater praise and glory – this I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

“Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?”
(Luke 24:26)

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word and the wonderful truths that we read in its pages. Thank You that all the prophecies relating to Your first coming were fulfilled in every detail, and that by believing on the name of Christ, we have been forgiven of our sins and have received life eternal. Thank You for the witness of those two disciples on the road to Emmaus - and that even when doubts appear in our heart, You remain faithful to Your promises. Thank You that in Christ we have also a more-sure word of prophecy, that has been unveiled in the face of Jesus Christ - and thank You that every prophetic word relating to Christ's second coming cannot fail, for Your Word is faithful and true - thank You in Jesus name we pray, AMEN.

“And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.”
(Luke 24:27)

Thank You Father for the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit of Christ. I pray that You open up the scriptures to my understanding more and more so that I come to know You better with each passing day. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

“Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,”
(Luke 24:45)