To Be Equipped To Face The Future Alone

Dear Lord Jesus I am filled with fear and anxiety as I have been left completely alone. I have no one in the world to care for me – no one who is really interested in me – and I am so frightened to have to face the future all on my own.

I do believe in Jesus as my Saviour and I want to draw closer to You and I know from all that I learned as a child that my hope is in You alone.. Lord I have found a scripture in the book of Psalms that says that You put the lonely in families.. and I find that such a comfort..

Please Lord will You do that for me? Lord if this is Your will for me, would You put me into a family and bring some lovely people that will come alongside me and be a family to me – but in any event, I pray that You equip me to live my life and face the future in such a way that is honouring to You.

Thank You Lord that You really do care for me – and I pray that You may even use me to be a comfort to others - who may also facing a future alone, in Jesus name I pray,