Prayer For A Heart Cleansing

Thank You Father that though my sins were crimson, the blood of Christ has washed them white as snow. Thank You that though my sins were many, they were placed on the spotless Lamb of God, Who took the punishment I justly deserved - and unworthy though I be, thank You that I have been clothed in Christ’s perfect righteousness, and declared justified, in Him.

Thank You that the Lord Jesus was prepared to be identified with my sinfulness.. so that I in turn might be identified with His glorious righteousness.

Father I recognise how much you have done for me, as a free gift of grace.. and ask that You continue to examine me, and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I pray that You would do away with all my self-will, my passion and my pride - and purify my heart I pray.

Thank You Father that there is now no condemnation or accusation against me. Thank You for Your wonderful love and great forgiveness – all to Jesus I owe, and from this day forward may I never cease to praise Him with my whole heart and to live my whole life for Him – I ask this in Jesus name,