Prayers for Death

Prayer For Christian Woman Facing Death

Loving Heavenly Father, How I thank You for the life of this dear sister in Christ and for the love she has had for You. You have carried her safely through so many difficulties and have always been the Rock on which her sufficiency has been founded.

Loving Lord, as she draws ever closer to the time when she will be welcomed into Your presence, I pray that You would flood her with the joy of the Lord in the inner recesses of her soul and that the beauty of Your perfect peace, which passes understanding, would be a sweet fragrance to her, as You guard her heart and mind, in Christ Jesus. 

Keep her Lord, from any pain or fear of the process of dying, knowing that the passing of Your saints is so precious in Your sight. Thank You for her lovely life and the joy and encouragement and hope that she has been to so many of Your children. Hold her closely Lord Jesus, and may she soon be released into Your presence and hear You say, "well done My good and faithful servant." In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For Dying Grace – For Myself

Dear Lord Jesus, You know that my life is drawing to its close and I thank You, Lord, that You have been with me through every stage and scene of my life. How I praise and thank You that when I grew fearful, You were always there to calm my troubled breast. When I was lost, You came to me and found me and carried me home on Your loving shoulders.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You have always been my sufficiency. I have stood on that promise where You said, "My grace is sufficient for My strength is made perfect in your weaknesses." Lord, I know that I am soon to come to my heavenly home and I need Your strength and special grace today.

Lord, I feel so weak and a little afraid as I know that my life is ebbing away, and although I know that the final outcome is that I will be standing in Your glorious presence, I need Your sufficient grace Lord, Your dying grace to sustain me as I face the final curtain of death.

Thank You that in Christ, death has lost its sting and the grave has been robbed of its victory in my life, and the lives of all that trust in Your name. For You are my strength and stay, You are my light and life. Thank You that Your grace, Your dying grace, will carry me home. In Jesus' precious name I pray,


Prayer For A Dying Servant

O God the Father, Father of the spirits of all men; O God the Son, who has washed away our sins by his own blood, and who by his resurrection has brought life and immortality to light; O God the Holy Ghost, Regenerator, Sanctifier and Comforter of your saints—have compassion now, we ask you, upon the low estate of your servant lying in the extremity of sickness.

We commend unto you his soul as into the hands of a faithful Creator and most merciful Savior. Wash him in the blood of the Lamb from all guilt. Finish in him your perfect work of sanctification, enduing him plenteously with every grace, rendering him complete in all the fullness of Christ. Though his flesh and his heart fail, be the strength of his heart and his portion forever.

Give your peace to him, and do not let his heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Having gone and prepared a place for him, come now again and receive him unto yourself, that where you are there he may be also.

And graciously comfort us who mourn. Silence the murmurings of our rebellious hearts. Enable us to say with your servant of old, “The Lord gave, and the Lord takes away, blessed is the name of the Lord.” Make us mindful of our own mortality, and teach us so to number our days that we may seriously apply our hearts to that heavenly wisdom which may in the end bring us to life everlasting, through the merits of Jesus Christ, your only Son our Lord,


A A Hodge

For An Aging Brother In Christ Facing Death

Gracious Heavenly King, it is always hard for us to see our loved ones getting older and having to go through the trials of advancing years and deteriorating health, but Father, how I thank You for the life and witness of this dear brother in Christ..

Lord, as he is drawing ever closer to the time when You call him home to be with Yourself, keep him I pray, enfolded in Your loving arms. Uphold him with Your righteous right hand, and may he know the gracious comfort of Your Holy Spirit deep within his inner being.

Thank You, Lord, for all that he has taught us of You, and of the grace and encouragement that his life and witness has been to so many. And now Lord, I pray that the grace of our lovely Lord Jesus Christ be with him as he rests his soul in You. Grant him to have precious Spirit to spirit fellowship with Your Holy Spirit of peace and love, as he crosses the final portal into the eternal realm. In Jesus' name I pray, 


Pilgrimage To Heaven

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, Who, in your perfect wisdom and mercy, has ended for your departed servants the voyage of this troublesome life, grant, we ask you that we who are still to continue our course amidst earthly dangers, temptations and troubles may evermore be protected by your mercy, and finally come to the haven of eternal salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord,


A A Hodge

To Be Present With The Lord

Dear Lord, I thank You that I am Your child and that You are my Saviour. Lord, there is one part of me that just longs to be with you. More and more I feel that this world is not my home, for my citizenship is in heaven and my home is with You, for which I praise Your holy name.

Lord, many of those that I love are already with You, and the thought of reunion with them is just wonderful. But I also know that our times are in Your hands, and You will call me home to be with Yourself, and those that I love, in Your own good time and in Your own good way.

Lord, I know that to be present with the Lord is what I desire, but I pray that until that wonderful time arrives that You will work a good work in and through my life, so that Christ may be seen in me. I pray that my life is pleasing to You and a holy witness to those that I meet.

I pray Lord, that You would take what little I have and use it to Your praise and glory, and at Your appointed time and in Your great love, I pray that You will call me home to be with Yourself forever. Praise Your holy name. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For Unbeliever Close to Death

Loving Lord, I know that those who trust in You have eternal life in Christ, for which we will be eternally grateful, while those that do not trust that You are the One and Only perfect Saviour, Who took the punishment for their sin, will be eternally separated from You – and Lord, this is a terrible thought.

Lord, I bring this person to You who is so close to death and plead Your mercy on their soul. Lord, I pray that by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in His great grace and mercy, You would draw very close to them and convict them of their sin and their need for a Saviour. Convict them Lord, of the righteousness of Christ, which alone can redeem lost sinners from eternal separation from God, and of the terrible condemnation that will fall on all who do not believe on the name of the only Begotten Son of God, Who gave His life a ransom for many.

Lord, it is not Your will that any should perish, but that all should come to trust in Jesus as Saviour, who shed His life-blood for them too. Lord, I pray that whatever it takes, You would show them that it is not too late to turn to You and confess the Lord Jesus as Saviour. Oh Lord have mercy I pray. In Jesus' name,


Help me in suffering

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Lord of heaven and earth, do to me according to Your will. Assist me Lord and take the cup of suffering away from me. Yet not I want but what You want. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
Received: April 12, 2016

Prayers for Salvation

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Dear Lord, I pray for my family to be strong after the death of our mother
John m
Received: September 24, 2014