Christmas Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thank You dear Heavenly Father, for sending the only begotten and eternal Son of Your love, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be born as a tiny baby in such humble conditions, so that the fallen race of mankind could be redeemed from their sin and be made sons and daughters of the Most High God, through faith in His name.

How I bless Your holy name for all the goodness and loving kindness that You have extended to me and to all the fallen race of humanity. Thank You that Jesus set aside His glory to be dressed in human flesh so that in the fullness of time, those that trust in His name might be made Your sons and daughters and joint-heirs with Christ Himself.

Thank You, that You never gave up on mankind but have allowed us to regain fellowship with Yourself, simply by grace through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Give all of us, I pray the light of Your love in our hearts this Christmas time and the opportunity to tell of the good news of the gospel of Christ to those that are perishing. Draw many into Your kingdom I pray, so that Your name may be glorified and to You be all the praise and honour and glory and thanks, for You alone are worthy.