To Be Present with the Lord

Dear Lord, I thank You that I am Your child and that You are my Saviour. Lord there is one part of me that just longs to be with you. More and more I feel that this world is not my home – for my citizenship is in heaven and my home is with You, for which I praise Your holy name.

Lord many of those that I love are already with You, and the thought of reunion with them is just wonderful – but I also know that our times are in Your hands and You will call me home to be with Yourself, and those that I love, in Your own good time and in Your own good way.

Lord I know that to be present with the Lord is what I desire but I pray that until that wonderful time arrives that You will work a good work in and through my life, so that Christ may be seen in me. I pray that my life is pleasing to You and a holy witness to those that I meet.

I pray Lord, that You would take what little I have and use it to Your praise and glory and at Your appointed time and in Your great love I pray that You will call me home to be with Yourself forever - praise Your holy name, in Jesus name I pray,