Prayer For Dying Grace – For Myself

Dear Lord Jesus, You know that my life is drawing to its close and I thank You, Lord, that You have been with me through every stage and scene of my life. How I praise and thank You that when I grew fearful, You were always there to calm my troubled breast. When I was lost, You came to me and found me and carried me home on Your loving shoulders.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You have always been my sufficiency. I have stood on that promise where You said, "My grace is sufficient for My strength is made perfect in your weaknesses." Lord, I know that I am soon to come to my heavenly home and I need Your strength and special grace today.

Lord, I feel so weak and a little afraid as I know that my life is ebbing away, and although I know that the final outcome is that I will be standing in Your glorious presence, I need Your sufficient grace Lord, Your dying grace to sustain me as I face the final curtain of death.

Thank You that in Christ, death has lost its sting and the grave has been robbed of its victory in my life, and the lives of all that trust in Your name. For You are my strength and stay, You are my light and life. Thank You that Your grace, Your dying grace, will carry me home. In Jesus' precious name I pray,