Prayer For Unbeliever Close to Death

Loving Lord, I know that those who trust in You have eternal life in Christ, for which we will be eternally grateful, while those that do not trust that You are the One and Only perfect Saviour, Who took the punishment for their sin, will be eternally separated from You – and Lord, this is a terrible thought.

Lord, I bring this person to You who is so close to death and plead Your mercy on their soul. Lord, I pray that by the power of Your Holy Spirit and in His great grace and mercy, You would draw very close to them and convict them of their sin and their need for a Saviour. Convict them Lord, of the righteousness of Christ, which alone can redeem lost sinners from eternal separation from God, and of the terrible condemnation that will fall on all who do not believe on the name of the only Begotten Son of God, Who gave His life a ransom for many.

Lord, it is not Your will that any should perish, but that all should come to trust in Jesus as Saviour, who shed His life-blood for them too. Lord, I pray that whatever it takes, You would show them that it is not too late to turn to You and confess the Lord Jesus as Saviour. Oh Lord have mercy I pray. In Jesus' name,