Prayer For Loss Of My Spouse

Oh God, I am hurting and my grief is almost more than I can bear. Losing my spouse has been the most devastating event that has ever happened to me and I feel that I can hardly draw another breath because my loss is so acute. Lord Jesus, the loss of my spouse has caused a gaping hole in my life, which has become so acute that I seem to have be permanently numb through the pain of it all. Help me, I pray.
It seems as if all my life and strength has been drained from me and I feel so alone and so very, very lonely as well. I begin to realise how much we relied upon each other, and now I am alone and nothing seems sufficient to fill the gaping void. But Lord, I know that You came to comfort the broken-hearted. You came to lead us beside still waters and to gently carry up upon Your shoulder during those times when every ounce of strength has failed. You came to give beauty for ashes and to renew our strength with Your sufficient grace and Your never-failing love. Please help me to come through this sad time, I pray.
Refresh my soul and renew my spirit within me. Be my light in this dark period of my life, and may the light of Your love shine on my path and lighten the heaviness of my load.  Thank You that You are my Saviour and that I can rely on You when there is no one else for me. Thank You in Jesus' name,