Prayers For Loss Of Home

Heavenly Father, we are undergoing the worse housing crisis in living memory and I know that none of us are exempt from the possibility of our homes being forcibly taken away from us due to foreclosures, mounting debt, natural disasters, banking collapses and even from unscrupulous people and unethical governments.
I grieve for all who have lost their home in one way or another, or who are going through the process of having their home ripped away from them and their lives turned upside down. Lord God, You are our Provider and You have promised us Your protection and provision, and we ask that You would look down in pity and mercy on all who are facing the loss of their homes. We pray that You would undertake in a wonderful way to intervene in their lives, and provide for their individual needs.
We pray Your blessing on our own home and family, and place our own lives and futures into Your gracious hands. May we look to You in every eventuality of life, praising You for Your goodness and and depending on You in all things in the difficult days that lie ahead. We ask this in Jesus' name,