Prayer For The Loss Of A New Born

Oh Lord, we come to You to pray Your peace and hope into our broken hearts. We all are deeply saddened by the death of this precious little child.. who hardly had time to enter into the world before being snatched away from us all – and our hearts grieve at having to say goodbye before we had a proper chance to get to know this precious little babe.. whom we all loved so dearly.
The question that seems to be buzzing round each of our heads is why? Why did this have to happen Lord? I guess confusion and pain and even a sense of anger are some of the emotions that have been throbbing through our heads – and although we will probably never understand the reason, we do ask that You would minister into each of our hearts and pour into us Your own special comfort; peace and hope for the future.
Lord though it is hard to say goodbye we pray that we may release this little new-born into Your faithful keeping. May we release the pain of this untimely death into Your hands and allow our hearts to finally say goodbye. And Lord although the loss of this precious one is real and our hearts are shrouded with grief – may we trust this babe into Your safe-keeping, knowing that in Christ we will one day be reunited - and You will wipe away all tears from our eyes. This we ask in Jesus name,