Prayers for Gluttony

Prayer To Break The Obsession Of Gluttony

Dear Heavenly Father, I have suddenly realised that eating has become a true obsession with me and I am quite shocked to realise the damage that this gluttony is doing to my body and to my relationships, including my relationship with You Lord. I ask that You would help me to break this insane craving for food, and to remember that in all things, including my eating habits, my life should glorify You.

Help me Lord, to be wise in what I eat, and I pray that by Your grace You would show me those foods that are detrimental to my body and that cause my moods to fluctuate so dramatically. I realise that so often it is not only my body that is affected by this obsession to eat, but my emotions are being influenced, causing me to become angry or depressed and even lazy.

Lord, I know that when You are put in Your proper place in my life, other things including this gluttony will also be put in the right perspective. Help me Lord, and guide me to take stock of my eating habits and to break this obsession with eating and I will give You all the praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer Of Confession For My Gluttony

Father God, I confess that I have not honoured You with my whole body, soul and spirit, but have rather indulged in greediness and gluttony, which has become a thorn in my flesh. Indeed Lord, I confess that I have become a slave of my eating habits and I pray that You would help me to break these habits that are so dishonouring to You. I know that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I truly want to offer my body as a living sacrifice that is holy and pleasing to You Lord.

Loving Lord, I know that I cannot do this in my own strength, but I know that by the power of Your Spirit, You can break this bondage within. Lord, I acknowledge that the power of sin and death in my life was broken at the cross of Christ Jesus my Lord, and I come to You in my helplessness and pray that You would enable me to break this gluttony that is destroying my life.

Lord, help me I pray. Change me into the person that You would have me be. In Jesus' name,


Prayer For Deliverance From Gluttony

Deliver me I pray, from my over-eating, which I confess can only be called “gluttony”. Lord, I know that this is a habit that I have allowed to develop in my life, which has almost become an obsession, and I pray that in Your grace You would enable me to break free from my eating compulsion and receive full and lasting deliverance.
Lord, I have used food as a comfort and as a prop when I have felt alone and miserable, and it is causing my weight to increase which makes me more miserable and causes me to want to eat more, and Lord, I am in a bad state, and am asking for Your help in this.
I pray that in Your love and grace, You would deliver me from this horrid cycle of comfort eating and help me to gain a healthy balance in what I eat, so that I eat food in order to live rather then live in order to eat food.
Help me I pray, to have the resolve to eat and drink wisely and in a manner that is honouring to You, for the Bible tells us that whether we eat or drink, we are to do everything to Your honour and glory. Help me to honour You in all I do and especially in my eating. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Food Addicts Prayer For Weight Loss

Lord, forgive me, I have become addicted to food. I never thought this was possible but I have discovered that my excessive eating and obesity is simply a result of being addicted to food.

Lord, I want to change my life and make it count for You and while I make food the god of my life, I know that You are not in Your rightful position. Thank You for bringing me to an understanding that my weight problem was much more than simply eating too much food, but has become a substitute for You in my life.

Lord, I have no right to expect You to help me in this addiction, but I know that You are a gracious God Who forgives His children when they recognise their sin, confess their faults to You, turn from their wicked ways and place You back in Your rightful place.

I realise that during the time that I have made food the god in my life, my relationship with You has been suffering. I now realise that I have been out of fellowship with You Lord, for a long time. But You are a gracious God, Who has promised that if Your children confess their sin, in the quietness of our heart, You are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, which places us back into a right relationship with You.

Thank You that I have restored my fellowship with You Father, by simply admitting my sin. Help me now to overcome this weight problem I have, and I will give You all the praise and all the glory. In Jesus' name,


Prayer To Overcome Gluttony

Heavenly Father, I confess to You that I have become what can only be described as greedy and gluttonous and am ashamed that I have allowed my compulsive eating habit to become so out-of-control.  I am so ashamed of my life and so sorry that I have allowed this obsession with food to take such control over my life, and it causes me much shame and heartache.
Forgive me I pray, and help me Lord to break free from my over-eating. Help me to overcome this eating disorder I pray, for I know that without Your help and strength I will not be able to permanently break free.
I was reading the Bible Lord, and when I read that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, it made me realise that my gluttony has wider implications than I had realised, for it shows a shocking disrespect for You and for the body that You have given me.
Lord, I know that Your grace is sufficient to for all my needs, and that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness, and Lord, my weakness has to do with eating  too much food, but I do believe that Your grace is sufficient to help me though this, and so I pray that You would give me the grace and help to me to break free this sinful habit of ungodly gluttony.
Thank You, Lord, for Your promises of sufficient grace and mercy to help in this time of need, and I ask for Your daily guidance to overcome and strengthen my resolve to step away from over-eating into temperance and grace. I ask this in Jesus' name,


Prayer For Self-Control Over Gluttony

Heavenly Father I come to You to pray for self-control, which is one of the precious ‘fruits-of-the-Spirit’. Lord, I am overweight and know that I eat more that I should, which demonstrates that I am lacking in this beautiful gift of self-control.
Lord, I know in my heart that there is no satisfaction in food, (or anything else for that matter), and that my gluttony only exposes the idolatrous nature in me, for which I repent. I am asking that in the power of Your Holy Spirit, You would help me to become a more self-controlled person in my eating habits. 
Lord, I know that I am not able to live a godly, self-controlled life in my own strength but You have said in Your Word that You have provided all I need to live godly in Christ Jesus. Help me I pray, to appropriate all that I have in Christ, to walk in spirit and truth, to mortify this appetite for food and to depend on You to deliver me from this bondage to sin.
I pray that You finish the good work in me that You started when I first believed in the Lord Jesus as my Saviour, and I will give You all the praise and glory. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Victory Over The Sin Of Gluttony

Loving Lord, I need Your help to bring my eating habit under control so that I may be freed from excess eating and enabled to get my weight under control.
I ask that You would help me to gain the victory over this sin of gluttony, for I know that without Your sufficient grace and help I will not be able to curb my excessive appetite.
Lord, it is my desire to live a life that is honouring to You, and I cry out to You to help me Lord, for without You I can only fail. But thanks be to God that I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me the strength.
Lord, I am seeking You with my whole heart and I realise that what is impossible for me to achieve in my own strength is possible with You. Help me to eat my food with integrity and in a manner that is pleasing to You, and prevent me from finding excuses to over-indulge, knowing that to do so is not only lying to myself, but also to You.
Father, as I come before You to ask for victory over my sin of gluttony, I thank You for what You are doing in my life and pray that as I discipline my body to eat appropriately, so I may also live in holiness and righteousness in every area of life. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Save me from gluttony

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Father God, Jesus, please come to get me away from my overeating and putting food before you. Thank you. In Jesus' name. Amen and Amen
Received: August 14, 2015

Break free from gluttony

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I need prayer that i will be delivered and set free fully. That i will have self control. That i will lose 80lbs. In jesus name.
Received: July 29, 2015