Prayers for Addiction

Prayer For Those Addicted To Drugs

Oh Lord, I come to You to pray for all who are weighed down with some form of addition. Lord, You are the One Who came to set the captives free and to release the sinners from the chains that bind them. So I lift before Your throne of grace all those that have become addicted to drugs.

Lord, I know some personally and others that I know nothing about, but You know everyone that is enchained by the curse of drug-addiction. Look with compassion on all that are ensnared by any form of addiction, and send help and freedom to all who would accept help. Lord, I pray that they may be released from this imprisonment and returned to a life that has dignity and meaning.

Give wisdom to their family members and those that care from them, that they may be given the support and help to put them back on the road to recovery. Endow them with patience, understanding and perseverance, knowing that this can take time to address.

More than anything Lord, I pray for their salvation. You died for every drug addict and it was Your love for them that caused You to die on the cross of shame that they might be lifted up and seated with Christ in heavenly places. Save them Lord, in Jesus' name I pray,


“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Prayer For A Child Caught Up In Addiction

Dear Lord Jesus, our heart is breaking with grief because our precious child has gone down the route of addiction. They have left home and are now living rough in the streets and seem to have become an entirely different personality. Lord, we have not seen them now for many months and we are filled with great sadness. But we are trusting You Lord to work a miracle.

Look down Lord Jesus in pity on our dear child, convict them of their wrongdoing and restore a right mind within them. Protect them Lord, from the dangers that surround them and bring them home Lord we pray.

Lord, there is nothing that we can do but to trust You, and we do trust You Lord to turn our child right round and return them home. Into Your hands we commit this great sadness and pray that the return of our precious prodigal will take place very soon, and we will give You all the praise and glory,


“Help me, Lord my God; save me according to Your faithful love”

Losing Hope Through Addiction

Gracious God, I bring all those who think that they are a hopeless case and that there is no way out of the terrible addiction which has entrapped them. Lord, there are so many people who have become enslaved to various forms of addiction - yet we know that there is wonderful hope for everyone, no matter what level to which they have sunk, for Christ died for all. His death paid the price for every addict and all they have to do is to believe that Christ died on the cross to take the punishment that they deserve and rose to give them life. If they will only believe..

Look down with Your grace and compassion on all who are so entrapped in their addictions and I pray that You will bring many out from this terrible existence, which is so harmful and so degrading.

Bless all Father and may Your Holy Spirit seek out and save many such souls who turn to Christ as Saviour.


Prayer Against The Temptation To Return To My Addiction

Dear Lord, how I thank You for Your grace towards me, for you have lifted me up out of the pit that my life was in and have set my feet on the rock of my Salvation, which is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Thank You for freeing me from the shame and sin of my addiction, which has robbed me of so many of years of my life, and caused me to lose not only my home but many of my friends and family as well.

Lord Jesus, there are those that would seek to entice me back into the shadow from which I escaped and are trying to almost blackmail me into returning back to my life of crime and debauchery – but I have been set free and I do not want to return. Keep me from temptation on those occasions when I feel alone, and protect me from the pressures that I have been put under on certain occasions to return.

Lord I know that all my past sins have been forgiven and that I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Keep me walking in the path of holiness and protect me from those that are still slaves to their addictions. I pray, Lord, that You will rescue those of my friends that are still enthralled in the world of addiction. I ask this in Jesus' name,


“No one undergoing a trial should say, "I am being tempted by God." For God is not tempted by evil, and He Himself doesn't tempt anyone.”

To Be Freed From My Burdensome Addiction

Dear Lord Jesus, my addiction is a terrible burden and a such a shame to me and yet I find myself constantly returning to behaviours that I hate and long to be able to shed. I am so ashamed Lord, and yet I know that You were the One Who said that You came to set the captives free, and Lord I am a captive. I am a captive and slave of this terrible addiction and yet to long to be freed and to live a normal life.

Free me Lord I pray from this compulsion, for it is stifling my life and has cost me many dear friends as well as my job. I long to be free to live as I ought.

I have heard the gospel and I do believe that Jesus died to take the full punishment for all my sins, including my addiction and I believe that He rose the third day, which broke the power of death in the lives of all who believe. So I am coming to you to ask You Lord to give me the abundant life that You have promised. I know that eternal life is now my portion, but I pray that I may be free of my addiction in this life so that I may serve You as You deserve. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus, 


Prayer Request

Prayed for 427 time. I Prayed For This
Lord, Heal me from food addiction and being overweight
Received: August 24, 2015

My addicted son and my daughter.

Prayed for 119 time. I Prayed For This
Dear lord help my children to find peace restoration in them god for me lord to find job so that I could be a better mother who provide for their kids.I'm trying my best but I think its not enough for me lord.
Received: August 11, 2015

Conviction for Estelle from alcohol

Prayed for 26 time. I Prayed For This
Lord, I ask that conviction be brought on my little sister. She is struggling with alcoholism. She is currently going through a custody battle for her two little boys. She needs to help herself before she can be a sober mother.
Big sister
Received: August 9, 2015

Deliver from Drug Addition

Prayed for 75 time. I Prayed For This
Please Lord deliver our son from this addition.
Received: May 18, 2015

Kindly Pray for my Alcoholic Brother

Prayed for 35 time. I Prayed For This
My Brothers family is getting broken day by day due to his addiction and aggressive nature. Kindly pray that he gets set free from this drinking and smoking and also sudden bursts of anger.For his children sake i seek help in praying together. Past twenty years he has been drinking.Only JESUS has to help. And he is not saved yet. May god SAVE HIM AND OUR ENTIRE FAMILY this year in JESUS NAME I ASK ..AMEN
Received: April 14, 2015

Losing Son to Pot

Prayed for 32 time. I Prayed For This
Good Shepherd please deliver my son from addiction to pot. Restore a right mind within him. Convict him of his wrong thinking and deformed desires. Bless his father and I by returning the prodigal son home to who he is in You Lord. Amen
Hopeful Mom
Received: March 24, 2015

Prayer for Joseph

Prayed for 37 time. I Prayed For This
I read this above in Joseph's name: "You died for every drug addict and it was Your love for them that caused You to die on the cross of shame that they might be lifted up and seated with Christ in heavenly places..." Dear Lord Jesus Christ - please help Joseph through his addiction and help bring him back to his mother, brothers and daughter my granddaughter). God love Him, give him strength and guide him towards believing in you. Amen.
Received: March 6, 2015

I need to be delivered

Prayed for 55 time. I Prayed For This
Dear Lord, I have found myself fighting an addiction and only you can deliver me. O I know I have asked for deliverance from it and continue to fall victim to heart is heavy and I feel like I have let u down and made this addiction the head of my life. God I ask you to bind this demon that keep rearing its ugly head and help me to overcome it. I pray for a closer walk with you. I pray for restoration in my faith... In Jesus name I pray..Amen
Received: November 18, 2014

Freedom from my addiction

Prayed for 21 time. I Prayed For This
I need freedom from shopping, lust,overeating & all of my addictions. Help me overcome these addictions.God help me.
Received: October 25, 2014