Prayers for Drugs

A Prayer For Drug Deliverance

Dear Lord, I thank You that You care for people like me who have gone so far astray from the way of truth. Thank You, that You have never given up on me despite my addiction to drugs. Thank You, that I can come to You to seek for deliverance and know that You will not turn me away. Thank You, that Your mercies are new every morning and thank You, that You are faithful and true to Your Word, even when we prove faithless.
Lord, I know that Your Word promises a way of deliverance to all who seek You and I believe that in Jesus is found healing and wholeness, salvation and security, deliverance and joy. And Lord, I ask for You to deliver me from these drugs and free me from being in bondage to this cursed addiction.
Help me I pray. Save me Lord and set me free from these drugs on which I have become so dependant. Give me the means to break loose from drugs and the ability to see it through to the end.  I know that on my own I will fail but Lord, I do believe that in Christ I can be set free. Help me Lord in Jesus' name,

Prayer For Those Addicted To Drugs

Dear Lord, You are a loving God and we praise and thank You for all Your goodness to us and to all men. We bless You for our lives and for all the joy and grace that You so readily bestow on all Your creation.

But Lord, we lift up an increasing number of men and women who suffer from drug addiction, and pray that You would provide them with the grace and strength to reach out to You for the necessary help and guidance that they may need, as they take the important steps to recovering their physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Give those that are addicted to drugs the will, perseverance, courage and ability to take the first step to regain their health and wholeness. Comfort and strengthen friends and family members that are affected by those that are trapped in drug addiction.

Give courage and hope to all who are seeking to break its demonic hold over the lives of so many, and may the power of Your love and grace transform their lives, knowing that Jesus Christ alone is able to break the power of drugs, return a soul into freedom and bring beauty for brokenness. This we ask in Jesus' name,


Prayer For Those Addicted To Drugs

Loving Lord Jesus, we lift up all those who are suffering today from some form of addiction to drugs, whether they are prescribed medicines from a doctor, or unlicensed drugs that have been gained illicitly – all addiction is detrimental to health and wholeness and Lord, we want to lift up all who are addicted in one way or another.
Lord, we believe that You were sent to heal those that are broken and damaged, crushed and hurting, in bondage to drugs or addicted to some form of medication, and we plead Your grace and mercy over such people and pray that You would meet each man or woman at their particular point of need, and deliver each one.
Raise up those that would stand in the gap in prayer, and bring friends and relatives who will be supportive to those that need to be liberated from their drug dependence or addiction. Into Your hands we commit each one, and thank and praise You for all that You are going to do in these lives. In Jesus' name we pray,

Prayer For Avoiding Drugs

Father God, I don’t deserve Your grace and mercy, but I ask in Jesus' name that You would enable me stay away from drugs and those who would seek to draw me back into the destructive world of drugs and drug abuse.
Lord Jesus, I know that I am weak and that in my own strength I could so easily be drawn like a moth to a flame, if I did not have You to sustain me and support me.
Lord, You have promised in Your Word that Your strength is made perfect in my weakness. Lord, help me to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus. Help me to take every thought captive and give each one to You, and help me I pray, to lean on You from this day forward, knowing that I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Brother On Drugs

Dear Lord, I bring my brother to You whose reliance on drugs and addiction to medication is causing me and the family serious concerns and sadness.
Lord, we really don’t know what to do and we seem to have run out of ideas and suggestions and there is no one but You to whom we can turn.
Lord, he is prone to mood swings, sometimes seeming depressed and at other times hyper active, and yet at other times is only able to sleep, sometimes for the best part of a day. Help us we pray to help him. Release him Lord, from this unhealthy reliance on drugs. Heal him of the negative effects that they are having on his physical and mental health and return him to normal health and strength. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For A Child On Drugs

Lord, I bring my child to You with such a heavy heart, knowing that the precious child You blessed me with has become caught up with drugs and their life is spiralling out of control. Help us Lord I pray, to know what to do, and show us how we can help to stem and  to stop these drug-related activities.
Wherever the blame for this situation lies, I pray Lord, that You would help us to address it so that our child is able to be freed from this drug-related trap. I pray in the name of Jesus that You would step into this situation and whatever it takes, I pray that You would convict our child of the need to call out to You for help, for You alone have the power to help and heal their life.
Give me the strength I pray to support my child, in prayer or therapy or any other way so that they may be enabled to leave this drug-related past behind, and step out into the future having been freed from this bondage. And help me to trust in Your many precious promises and not lean on my own understanding. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Prayer For A Daughter On Drugs

Lord, it breaks my heart that my beautiful daughter has somehow become involved with drugs and she has almost become a different person with her mood swings, depression and anger. Lord, this is not what I want for my daughter and pray that You would help her to reverse this terrible addiction, which has had such a devastating impact on all our lives.
We love her so much, and I know that Your love for her exceeds our own (if that is possible) and I pray that in Your grace and mercy You would help her to break free from this addiction to drugs and medication, and that You would help us to give her the help and support she needs during this most difficult time.
Give me wisdom I pray, to know what to do and how to help with her. I feel at a loss to know what to do, but my eyes are on You Lord. Visit us all with Your peace I pray, and restore the joy and happiness we once had. I ask this in Jesus' name,

Prayers For Drug Addiction Recovery

Heavenly Father, I look to You to help me in my recovery from drug addiction, knowing that my help comes from You alone. You made me and scheduled every day of my life, and I know that on many occasions I have stepped outside of Your will for me, but I pray that in Your grace and mercy You would heal me of my addiction to drugs and help to place my feet on the road to recovery.
I trust You Lord, and know that You are worthy of all my praise and worship and I thank You Father, for the many blessings that You have bestowed on me. Most of all, I thank You that You have always been there to support me with Your everlasting arms, even when I have been running from You and turned my back on You. I praise You, for You are a faithful God whose loving kindness and tender-mercy is new every morning.
Strengthen me I pray, as I seek to be freed from my drug addiction and hold my hand I pray. Uphold me Lord, with Your righteous right hand, and keep me resolved to break free from drugs, knowing that without You I can do nothing, but that in Your strength and power I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Praise His holy name.

Prayer To Heal Drug Addiction

Heavenly Father, You are our God and Maker, and I cry out to You in desperation to ask that You would help those who are trapped in the destructive web of drug addiction. I pray that in Your grace and mercy, You would help and heal all who are affected by this dependency upon drugs or medication.

Reach out Your strong arm to lift them out of the miry clay I pray. Release them from the trap into which they have become ensnared. Draw them into the arms of Jesus, and convict them of their need for Him.
Comfort all those that have loved ones who have become drug addicts and all who have been adversely affected by drug addiction, especially parents and spouses, children and those whose life has been negatively affected by this debilitating and destructive habit.
Lord, in Your grace I hand each and every one over to You, and ask that in Your pity and mercy You would heal all who have become addicted to drugs. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Husband On Drugs

I come to You Lord in the name of Jesus, to lift up my husband in prayer, knowing that he is getting increasingly reliant on drugs. They started in an attempt to help him through a difficult patch, but Lord, I know that he is now almost addicted to them and it is having a bad effect on his health and personality.
Lord, please release my husband from this reliance on drugs and in the name of Jesus, I stand against all the evil influences that these drugs are having on him, and ask that Your grace and protection would surround him.
Into Your hands I release my husband, and ask that You would give us both the strength and wisdom to know what to do, so that the bad effects that the drugs he is taking can be reduced or if possible removed. Lord I know that You are able to deliver him for his reliance on drugs. Help my unbelief I pray, as You did that man in the Bible so many years ago. I ask this in Jesus' name,

Prayer For Loved Ones On Drugs Or Medication

Loving Lord, it is so hard to see loved ones that have become reliant upon or addicted to drugs, and too often no amount of advice, warnings or pleadings is sufficient to get them to halt this destructive habit.
Lord, I place all our loved ones in this situation into Your hands, knowing that You alone can help to cure them of this dependency on drugs and medication. You have asked us to cast all our cares and worries upon You and Lord, this is what I am doing, as I just do not know what to do anymore.
I give these dear ones into Your gracious keeping, and ask that You meet them at their point of need. Help each one to break free their reliance on drugs without any detrimental side-effects. Free them I pray, once and for all from their on-going dependence on drugs. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Overcoming Drugs

Dear Lord, I feel I have made such a mess of my life and have allowed drugs to take possession of me, which I now confess is a drug addiction. I know that this is not only dangerous to my health and distressing to those that I love, but I realise now that it is very dishonouring to You.
Thank You, that You are there for me and have never given up on me. Thank You, that You died for me and that Your blood has cleansed me from all wrong and unrighteousness, even this drug abuse that has caused me and those close to me, such pain and distress.
I pray, that You would give me Your sufficient grace, which You have promised to all Your children, and ask that You would help me to break free from this destructive drug use. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Cleanse me I pray with the blood of Christ, so that I may be clean and freed from this enslaving habit, and fully and finally be enabled to overcome drugs in my life. This I ask in Jesus' name,

Prayer For Sister On Drugs

Loving Jesus, I don’t know what to do as the sister I love so dearly is on drugs and she has become almost addicted to them. It is so sad to see her and I know that this is not Your will for her life. I pray that You will open the door for her to be helped, perhaps through rehab or in some other way.
Lord, I know that addiction to drugs can be almost impossible to break, but I trust You Lord and know that You have the power to break all the evil influences in our lives that are causing Your children distress and destroying lives, and I believe that You can help my sister to be healed and made whole again.
I lift up all my family to You Lord, knowing that my sister’s reliance on drugs is hard for us all to bear, and I pray that in a wonderful way, You would restore the joy we shared in our younger days. I ask this in Jesus' name,

Prayer For A Son On Drugs

Lord, it is my prayer that You would free my son from the drugs that have become almost an addiction to him and which have almost broken the family apart and caused us all such pain and distress.
Father, You know the anger that seems to lurk within him and the explosive outbursts that are so difficult to cope with. Lord, He needs Jesus in his life and the indwelling Holy Spirit in his heart, and I ask that You would convince him of his need for Jesus, and convict him of “sin and righteousness and judgement,” just as Your Word has said. Bring Him I pray, to recognise that this addiction to drugs is not Your will for anyone and is likely to end in tragedy if not dealt with soon. In Jesus' name,

Prayer For Wife Who Relies On Drugs

Heavenly Father, I love my wife but am grieved to discover that she is becoming increasingly reliant on drugs and it is having a really bad effect on her, on our family, on me and on our relationship. Lord, in Your mercy and grace, please help her I pray, and show me how I can support her through this difficult and distressing time, so that she may be freed from the bad effects that these drugs are having.
Lord, I know that this is a problem that many women are facing, and I know that there are many other husbands like me that are facing the same difficulties of broken hearts, destroyed lives and damaged relationships, and so I lift up all men and husbands who like myself, find themselves in this same situation.
Show me Lord what to do, I pray. I am looking to You and relying on You to help me in this time of need. I ask this in humility of heart and brokenness of spirit, knowing that You alone have the ability and power to bring us through and to free her from the reliance she now has on these drugs. Thank You in Jesus' name,