Prayer For Those Addicted To Drugs

Loving Lord Jesus we lift up all those who are suffering today from some form of addiction to drugs – whether they are prescribed medicines from a doctor or unlicensed drugs that have been gained illicitly – all addiction is detrimental to health and wholeness and Lord we want to lift up all who are addicted in one way or another.
Lord .. we believe that You were sent to heal those that are broken and damaged, crushed and hurting - in bondage to drugs or addicted to some form of medication.. and we plead Your grace and mercy over such people and pray that You would meet each man or woman at their particular point of need – and deliver each one.
Raise up those that would stand in the gap in prayer.. and bring friends and relatives who will be supportive to those that need to be liberated from their drug dependence or delivered from some form of addiction. Into Your hands we commit each one and thank and praise You for all that You are going to do in these lives – in Jesus name we pray,