Prayer For Sunday School Students

Loving Heavenly Father, we ask Your blessing and grace on the many children, young people and students that are learning of You in the Sunday schools and Bible classes, and pray that You would teach each one Your ways and guide each one into the truth of Your unchanging word. Raise up we pray, teachers that teach the whole council of God and do not distort the gospel of grace, that Christ died for their sins, and that He rose the third day to break the power of sin in the lives of all who believe in the full and final sacrifice of Jesus.

Open the hearts of all these students to know more and more about You and teach them Your ways, guiding them into all truth we pray. Bring into their lives other young people who have a love of You and a knowledge of the truth, and protect their hearts and minds from the religiosity, false teachers and distorted doctrines that so often flood the churches and pulpits of today.

Raise up godly teachers we pray and prepare the hearts of all those that are attending the Sunday School of our land to come into a knowledge of the truth and to grow in grace and in a knowledge of the gospel of grace. In Jesus' name we pray,