Prayer For A Child On Drugs

Lord, I bring my child to You with such a heavy heart, knowing that the precious child You blessed me with has become caught up with drugs and their life is spiralling out of control. Help us Lord I pray, to know what to do, and show us how we can help to stem and  to stop these drug-related activities.
Wherever the blame for this situation lies, I pray Lord, that You would help us to address it so that our child is able to be freed from this drug-related trap. I pray in the name of Jesus that You would step into this situation and whatever it takes, I pray that You would convict our child of the need to call out to You for help, for You alone have the power to help and heal their life.
Give me the strength I pray to support my child, in prayer or therapy or any other way so that they may be enabled to leave this drug-related past behind, and step out into the future having been freed from this bondage. And help me to trust in Your many precious promises and not lean on my own understanding. This I ask in Jesus' name,