Prayer For A Daughter On Drugs

Lord, it breaks my heart that my beautiful daughter has somehow become involved with drugs and she has almost become a different person with her mood swings, depression and anger. Lord, this is not what I want for my daughter and pray that You would help her to reverse this terrible addiction, which has had such a devastating impact on all our lives.
We love her so much, and I know that Your love for her exceeds our own (if that is possible) and I pray that in Your grace and mercy You would help her to break free from this addiction to drugs and medication, and that You would help us to give her the help and support she needs during this most difficult time.
Give me wisdom I pray, to know what to do and how to help with her. I feel at a loss to know what to do, but my eyes are on You Lord. Visit us all with Your peace I pray, and restore the joy and happiness we once had. I ask this in Jesus' name,