Protection For Our Pastor’s Purity

Dear God, we know that there are many ways that pastors today are being attacked by the enemy and we ask that You would protect our own dear pastor, body, soul and spirit, from the pitfalls and temptations of the enemy.

Keep him Lord, free from the influences of the world, pure in heart and mind, knowing that his ministry work often causes him to be in the company of unbelievers. Protect his home and his marriage from the temptations that must arise in his pastoral role. Keep him from discouragement, knowing that the way is narrow a few there be that find it, and protect him from any jealousies that may arise when he sees so many ungodly ministries apparently thriving, when his special little flock is so very small.

Thank You for bringing him into our lives and may He continue to deliver the truth of Your Word in truth and love, with integrity and wisdom

In Jesus' name,