Prayers for Pastors

Prayer Of Encouragement For Our Pastor

Loving Lord Jesus, we are so blessed to have the pastor that You have brought to our congregation. Thank You for him and his family. I pray that as he faithfully delivers Your Word to us all week by week he will be encouraged to know that he is fulfilling Your commission to go into all the world and teach the gospel, in a very special way.

Strengthen his walk with You Lord I pray, as he studies the Bible and prepares to deliver the truth of Scripture to all of us that gather week by week, to be fed from Your Word. And I pray that You would send him little encouragements from his congregation or other believers, with whom he comes in contact, as well as opening up the Scriptures more and more to his own understanding as we all seek to mature in the faith. 

Thank You Lord for our dear pastor.


For Our Pastor To Be A True Servant Of God

Loving Lord, we thank You for our dear pastor and for the way that he has led and guided the little flock You have placed in his care with such wisdom and grace. Keep him Lord, under the shadow of Your wing, and protect him from the many arrows of the enemy that has sought to trip so many of the leaders in the Church today.

May his heart be kept focused on the Word of Truth, and may he love the Lord with all his whole body, soul and spirit as he seeks to encourage, edify and teach all those, that are under his guidance.

May he be a man after God’s own heart, who continues to be nourished and fed by You to be Your under-shepherd, to point us to Christ. May he be used by You to be an example of a true disciple and lover of the Lord, not only in his public ministry but in the privacy of his own home.

Bless him Lord, keep him and protect him. May be continue to be an example of a godly man who by example, is growing in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

Thank You for our pastor,


For Our Pastor To Remain True To Scriptural Truth

Loving Father, we are aware that there is much that is wrong in the church today, and that in so many ways the truth of Scripture is being distorted and changed to fit in with the modern way of thinking.

Father, we are becoming a little concerned as we feel that we are moving towards a more seeker-friendly gospel in our church gathering, rather than sticking with the undistorted truth of the whole council of God.

Be with our pastor we pray, and prevent him from being influenced by the trend in the modern church today, which changes much of the meaning of scripture to appease the world, rather then to stand firm and remain faithful to the real meaning of scripture, which we know is being labelled by the world as narrow and elitist. Give our pastor the grace to withstand worldly pressures and equip him with integrity to preach the unchangeable Word of God, with courage and integrity.

Bless our pastor we pray, and keep him in the midst of so many different pressures. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,


Pour Out A Fresh Anointing Our Pastor

Loving Lord and heavenly King, give our pastor a fresh anointing of Your Holy Spirit. Fill him Father, with patience and peace. Pour into his heart the joy of the Lord, and may the oil of God’s gladness be his portion.

Keep him faithful and give him patience I pray, as he teaches his congregation week by week, which is getting fewer in numbers. Set his heart alight with Your love and keep him rejoicing in the Lord and in the power of His strength. Give him a clear vision for the future, I pray.

May he run with patience the race that is set before him, looking to Jesus. And may he one day hear, "well done good and faithful servant." 

Thank You Lord Jesus,


Protection For Our Pastor’s Purity

Dear God, we know that there are many ways that pastors today are being attacked by the enemy and we ask that You would protect our own dear pastor, body, soul and spirit, from the pitfalls and temptations of the enemy.

Keep him Lord, free from the influences of the world, pure in heart and mind, knowing that his ministry work often causes him to be in the company of unbelievers. Protect his home and his marriage from the temptations that must arise in his pastoral role. Keep him from discouragement, knowing that the way is narrow a few there be that find it, and protect him from any jealousies that may arise when he sees so many ungodly ministries apparently thriving, when his special little flock is so very small.

Thank You for bringing him into our lives and may He continue to deliver the truth of Your Word in truth and love, with integrity and wisdom

In Jesus' name,


Let light shine in his heart

Prayed for 28 time. I Prayed For This
Lord I pray for my pastor and his wife. Satan is overtaking them and they are rejoicing. Let the light shine on their hearts once again so they can repent and get back on the narrow path.
Received: March 6, 2015