For Our Pastor To Remain True To Scriptural Truth

Loving Father, we are aware that there is much that is wrong in the church today, and that in so many ways the truth of Scripture is being distorted and changed to fit in with the modern way of thinking.

Father, we are becoming a little concerned as we feel that we are moving towards a more seeker-friendly gospel in our church gathering, rather than sticking with the undistorted truth of the whole council of God.

Be with our pastor we pray, and prevent him from being influenced by the trend in the modern church today, which changes much of the meaning of scripture to appease the world, rather then to stand firm and remain faithful to the real meaning of scripture, which we know is being labelled by the world as narrow and elitist. Give our pastor the grace to withstand worldly pressures and equip him with integrity to preach the unchangeable Word of God, with courage and integrity.

Bless our pastor we pray, and keep him in the midst of so many different pressures. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ,