Prayer For Wife Who Relies On Drugs

Heavenly Father, I love my wife but am grieved to discover that she is becoming increasingly reliant on drugs and it is having a really bad effect on her.. on our family; on me and on our relationship. Lord in Your mercy and grace, please help her I pray.. and show me how I can support her through this difficult and distressing time.. so that she may be freed from the bad effects that these drugs are having.
Lord I know that this is a problem that many women are facing and I know that there are many other husbands like me that are facing the same difficulties of broken hearts, destroyed lives and damaged relationships - and I lift up all men and husbands who like myself find themselves in this same situation.
Show me Lord what to do I pray.. I am looking to You and relying on You to help me in this time of need. I ask this in humility of heart and brokenness of spirit  - knowing that You alone have the ability and power to bring us through and to free her from the reliance she now has on these drugs- thank You in Jesus name,