Prayer To Heal Drug Addiction

Heavenly Father, You are our God and Maker, and I cry out to You in desperation to ask that You would help those who are trapped in the destructive web of drug addiction. I pray that in Your grace and mercy, You would help and heal all who are affected by this dependency upon drugs or medication.

Reach out Your strong arm to lift them out of the miry clay I pray. Release them from the trap into which they have become ensnared. Draw them into the arms of Jesus, and convict them of their need for Him.
Comfort all those that have loved ones who have become drug addicts and all who have been adversely affected by drug addiction, especially parents and spouses, children and those whose life has been negatively affected by this debilitating and destructive habit.
Lord, in Your grace I hand each and every one over to You, and ask that in Your pity and mercy You would heal all who have become addicted to drugs. In Jesus' name,