Prayer For Husband On Drugs

I come to You Lord in the name of Jesus, to lift up my husband in prayer, knowing that he is getting increasingly reliant on drugs. They started in an attempt to help him through a difficult patch, but Lord, I know that he is now almost addicted to them and it is having a bad effect on his health and personality.
Lord, please release my husband from this reliance on drugs and in the name of Jesus, I stand against all the evil influences that these drugs are having on him, and ask that Your grace and protection would surround him.
Into Your hands I release my husband, and ask that You would give us both the strength and wisdom to know what to do, so that the bad effects that the drugs he is taking can be reduced or if possible removed. Lord I know that You are able to deliver him for his reliance on drugs. Help my unbelief I pray, as You did that man in the Bible so many years ago. I ask this in Jesus' name,