Vacation Prayer - To Reassess My Spiritual Walk

Forgive me Lord, for the many times that I seem to forget or ignore You in the midst of my busy working life, when I am rushing from one important issue to another or find myself consumed with getting the job done, rather than resting my anxious thoughts on You.

Lord, I know the importance of quietness, of resting in You and being still in Your presence, and I pray that You would use this vacation to help me reassess my relationship with You, so that in the future I am able to look to You and depend on You, rather than on myself. Teach me Lord, how to rest in You rather than wearing myself out with my own self-effort.

Thank You for Your loving patience with me. Thank You for having waited for me to come to this important decision and for prompting me to do so, for I know that my priority in life is to get right with You and to keep You at the centre of all that I do.

Teach me Lord, to be quiet before You. To be still in Your presence and to cast all my burdens upon You, even those that I have while at work. Search my heart I pray, during this quality time I have with You over this vacation period, and may I emerge from it more ready and able to cast all my burdens upon You, knowing that you are interested in every area of my life, including my working life. In Jesus' name I pray,