Prayers for Vacations

Christian Teacher’s Vacation Prayer

Thank You, Lord, for the joy of teaching and learning as well as the challenges it offers. Lord, I pray that You would guard and guide each of those who have attended my lessons this past term, and pray that each one will come to a knowledge of and understanding You. And Lord, I pray that each one comes to saving faith in Jesus.

Thank You also for school vacations and the opportunity to ‘recharge’ our batteries, and for the precious times of refreshment that school vacations offer. I pray that You would use this period away from school and its responsibilities, to be a time of refreshment and renewal, not only for my body but also, for my soul and my spirit too.

I pray that this vacation will bring me to be even closer to You, that it will enable me to re-examine my priorities and principles, my purpose and my perspectives in life. I pray that this will be a time when my mind will be refreshed, so that I am able to return to the classroom renewed and refreshed and ready to face the challenges of a new term.

I pray this will be a time when I draw ever closer to Jesus, my Saviour, and that this may be a time when I grow in grace and have opportunity to listen intently to Your still small voice and to rest in Your promises. I pray I can just be still and know that you are God. Thank You for being my Saviour. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer Of Direction During My Vacation

Lord, I do thank You for providing me with a job, but I also want to say thank You for this welcome vacation and pray that it will be a time of real refreshment and relaxation.

I pray that I will make the best use of the time I have, and as I take this break from the busy schedule that is demanded of me from my work, I pray that my body will be relaxed, my mind renewed and spirit refreshed. I know Lord, that it can be quite difficult to suddenly change from a busy active work schedule to the slower pace of a vacation, but I do ask You to help me adjust from the very beginning so that I may make the most of the time that I have.

Let my heart and soul be open to You and Your leading, and I pray that this may be a time when You become more real to me. This I ask in Jesus’ name, 


For Replenished Strength In My Vacation

Lord, I thank You that You showed us the importance to take time alone, to take time and rest awhile, and not to allow all the needs and necessities of life to deluge us.

Lord, I confess that I have allowed the many stresses and strains of life to almost overwhelm me, over the past few months, and I want to thank You for my forthcoming vacation and pray that You would replenish my strength and renew my spirit within me.

I pray that I would take the opportunity to truly get alone with You Lord during this vacation, and to rest in Your love. Refresh my heart and restore my spirit within me I pray, and help me to spend quality time in Your presence, washing myself in Your Word, which is life and health and wholeness, and which I know that I have neglected, as I have sought to accomplish all I needed to do in my own strength, rather than to rely on You.

May Your words dwell in me richly and teach me how to truly rest in You, even when my life is busy and pressures are bearing down, for You have promised that Your grace is sufficient in every situation of life, especially when we find we have heavy burdens that are hard to bear. So into Your hand I commit my life, as I seek day by day to cast all my burdens on You. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer At The Start Of A Vacation

Thank You, Lord, that there is nowhere that I can be where I am not able to pour out my heart to You and know that You are there to help and to sustain me, to lead and to guide. But Lord, I particularly ask that You would be with me as I start my vacation. I pray that I would use this time wisely so that I at the end of my break, I will be refreshed and rejuvenated and knowing more and more of You.

Lord, I pray that I would take time to fix the eyes of my heart and the ears of my mind onto Jesus, Whom to know is life eternal, and to take time to read Your Word and to allow it to wash over me and to renew my tired spirit and my weary soul.

Help me to wait upon You as I start my vacation for Lord, I know that Your Word is life and health for those that wait on You. Lord, help me to spend quality time alone with You, knowing that all who wait upon the Lord are assured that they will rise up with wings as eagles. They will run and not be weary, they will walk and not faint. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' name,


Vacation Prayer - To Reassess My Spiritual Walk

Forgive me Lord, for the many times that I seem to forget or ignore You in the midst of my busy working life, when I am rushing from one important issue to another or find myself consumed with getting the job done, rather than resting my anxious thoughts on You.

Lord, I know the importance of quietness, of resting in You and being still in Your presence, and I pray that You would use this vacation to help me reassess my relationship with You, so that in the future I am able to look to You and depend on You, rather than on myself. Teach me Lord, how to rest in You rather than wearing myself out with my own self-effort.

Thank You for Your loving patience with me. Thank You for having waited for me to come to this important decision and for prompting me to do so, for I know that my priority in life is to get right with You and to keep You at the centre of all that I do.

Teach me Lord, to be quiet before You. To be still in Your presence and to cast all my burdens upon You, even those that I have while at work. Search my heart I pray, during this quality time I have with You over this vacation period, and may I emerge from it more ready and able to cast all my burdens upon You, knowing that you are interested in every area of my life, including my working life. In Jesus' name I pray,