For Trust In Times Of Uncertainty

Heavenly Father, sometimes the way ahead seems so clear, but at other times the way seems shrouded with uncertainly and the road ahead seems to be hidden in the questioning shadows.

I want to be in Your perfect will Lord, and I pray that Your will be done in every area of my life. I long to have Your assurance that this is the way to walk, but at times Your will seems to be hidden by a cloud of uncertainly and swamped by a foggy mist of unknowing.

As I step out into the future Lord, I place my trust in You. My desire is to remain in the centre of Your perfect will for my life.

Lead me Lord on the right path that is best for me I pray. You have promised to be with me wherever I go, for You know the steps that I take. My trust is in You and I want to do only that which glorifies You. In Jesus' name I pray,