For Replenished Strength In My Vacation

Lord, I thank You that You showed us the importance to take time alone, to take time and rest awhile, and not to allow all the needs and necessities of life to deluge us.

Lord, I confess that I have allowed the many stresses and strains of life to almost overwhelm me, over the past few months, and I want to thank You for my forthcoming vacation and pray that You would replenish my strength and renew my spirit within me.

I pray that I would take the opportunity to truly get alone with You Lord during this vacation, and to rest in Your love. Refresh my heart and restore my spirit within me I pray, and help me to spend quality time in Your presence, washing myself in Your Word, which is life and health and wholeness, and which I know that I have neglected, as I have sought to accomplish all I needed to do in my own strength, rather than to rely on You.

May Your words dwell in me richly and teach me how to truly rest in You, even when my life is busy and pressures are bearing down, for You have promised that Your grace is sufficient in every situation of life, especially when we find we have heavy burdens that are hard to bear. So into Your hand I commit my life, as I seek day by day to cast all my burdens on You. In Jesus' name I pray,