Prayer For My Grandbaby Who Is Due To Be Born

Oh Lord, what a joy all my children have been to me and I bless You for placing each one in my life. And how I rejoice to know that one of my own dear children is shortly to bring a new little life into our family circle.

Oh Lord, I am so excited and yet have the normal ‘butterflies’ in my tummy, as the day gets ever closer. Father, I pray that You will keep both mother and baby safe in Your arms, and Lord, I pray for a safe delivery of my new little grandbaby. May the doctors and nurses that attend the delivery be skilled at their job and may this little one be born at the time that is best.

Praise Your name for this new little life. Praise Your name for we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Keep this new little member of the family ever under Your gracious protection, and I pray that the day will come when they trust Jesus as their Saviour. This I pray in Jesus' name,