Keep Me From My Ungodly Worship Of Food

Lord I know in my heart that my excessive weight gain is not honouring to You and I have recently come to understand that because I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God actually lives within this body of mine! How wonderful to realise that my physical body is a temple of the Holy Spirit of God – how I praise You for this understanding. This is an awesome thought and I know that our bodies should honour the Lord in every way - in what we say and do, but also in what we eat and drink… for we are to do everything as unto the Lord.

Forgive me Lord that I have not been honouring to You but have indulged in over-excessive eating, which I now realise is a form of idolatry – and this has shocked me. I know Lord, that many overweight people have thyroid problems and their weight in not their fault – but I confess that my weight is of my own doing. But I want to change my eating habits – not just so that I can look better, but more importantly that I may honour You with my whole body, soul and spirit

Thank You that my body if a temple of the Spirit of God and help me I pray to change my eating habits so that I honour You in every part of my life – I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ..