Prayer To Break The Obsession Of Gluttony

Dear Heavenly Father, I have suddenly realised that eating has become a true obsession with me and I am quite shocked to realise the damage that this gluttony is doing to my body and to my relationships, including my relationship with You Lord. I ask that You would help me to break this insane craving for food, and to remember that in all things, including my eating habits, my life should glorify You.

Help me Lord, to be wise in what I eat, and I pray that by Your grace You would show me those foods that are detrimental to my body and that cause my moods to fluctuate so dramatically. I realise that so often it is not only my body that is affected by this obsession to eat, but my emotions are being influenced, causing me to become angry or depressed and even lazy.

Lord, I know that when You are put in Your proper place in my life, other things including this gluttony will also be put in the right perspective. Help me Lord, and guide me to take stock of my eating habits and to break this obsession with eating and I will give You all the praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,