Prayers for Mothers

Child's Prayer For My Mother

Dear Lord Jesus, I love my mom and thank You giving me to her. Thank You for all she does for me and the food that she makes.
Thank You for giving me the best mom in the world. Please bless her every day and help her in all that she does.
Thank You that You died for me on the cross to forgive me and rose again so that we can all be with You in heaven. Please bless us all in Jesus name,

Prayer Of Healing For Heal My Mother

Loving Lord and Father of all comfort, I come to You in the name of Jesus, to lay my mother at your feet, knowing that she has been so unwell for such a long time. I ask Lord that You heal her of whatever it is that is troubling her. Free her, I pray from the pain and confusion she is going through and restore her to full health and strength, for You are the God Who heals and cares.

Thank You that You love and care and comfort all Your children and I ask that You will give my dear mother the peace in heart that only You can give. May she know that underneath are Your everlasting arms of comfort and that You have promised never to leave her or forsake her.

Help my dear mother speedily I pray, and we will give you all the praise and glory due toYour name.


Loss of My Mother

God, I am all-alone, my mother had been ill and now she has died and I am all alone in the world and I am so frightened and so lonely. God, I don’t know what to do and I have no one the turn. Please help me I pray.

Please God I am all alone in the world and come to You to ask You to care for me and to provide for me.. Help me please to face the future without my dear mother – who was always been there for me.

You have promised that You will never leave us alone – You said, I will not leave you as orphans… and that is what I am, an orphan and all alone.

But I will put my trust in You – I know that You were the God my mother trusted in and I know I neglected to trust You as she should have wished – to trust You as my Saviour, but Lord I put my life in Your hands today and ask You to make Yourself known to me in the way that my mother knew You.

I ask this in Jesus name. Thank You that You really do bring peace and when sadness fills my heart, please help me to fix my thoughts on You I pray,


Prayer For Mom in Hospital

Dear Lord, my lovely mom has become quite poorly and is now in hospital. She is undergoing certain tests but the doctors don’t really seem to know what is the problem with her – Lord You know exactly what is the wrong with my mom, and I know that You are a God that still heals today, and so I ask that You visit my mom and restore her to full health.. and ask that she would be able to come home speedily.
Lord I pray that You would give the doctors and nurses the knowledge, skill and wisdom to give her the treatment that she needs, so as to restore her to health and strength, and I ask that You would be gracious to minimise any pain that she may have.
Lord I know that our times and our health are in Your hands, but I also know that You are a God Who can do miracles today, and I do ask on behalf of my dear mom that You would raise her up and restore her heath to her, and we will give You all the praise and all the glory, in Jesus name we pray.

Prayer For A Mother Giving Birth

Dear heavenly Father, thank You that the time has arrived for this new little life to be brought into the world and that the long months of waiting is almost over. How precious is each little life, and we thank You for this miracle of creation and love.
Thank You that You have brought this pregnancy safely to its full term and ask that this precious little babe would be delivered safely and without any complications, for either the mother or her baby.
We never cease to wonder at the miracle of life that secretly grows and develops within the womb, until the moment arrives when for new life to be born into the waiting world.
Be close we pray to all mothers-in-waiting. Calm all fears, undertake for all their concerns and may each on know Your presence as they enter this beautiful state of motherhood – this we ask in Jesus name,

Prayer For Motherhood

Lord we thank You so much for mothers and for role of motherhood, and we pray for all mothers today.. that You would fill their hearts with grace and love and endue them with strength, patience, wisdom and joy.
We pray for all mothers today, and thank You for the gentle protection, wise counsel and godly correction they so often provide to their children and we pray that they would be given the grace to bring up their children in the fear and nurture of the Lord.
Thank You for the wisdom and guidance we have received from our own mothers and for many selfless actions that they so often take on behalf of their children, and which so often goes unnoticed, unacknowledged and un-thanked.
Draw close to all mothers we pray and fill each one with, guide and direct them as they carry out the roles and responsibilities of motherhood and draw them into close loving fellowship with their families and with You – this we ask in Jesus name,

Prayer For Mothers Day

Heavenly Father we thank You for our mothers who untiringly love and care for us with every passing day.. but today Lord, on this important “Mother’s Day”, we specially want to lift up all mothers throughout the land..”, and thank You for the very special role they play in the lives of their children.
Thank You for the selfless love they so often show and for the grace and encouragement they are able to give us, as well as their correction, wisdom and counsel.  Thank Your for the role model they so often provide to us and to others.. and for the many sacrifices they willingly make on account of their children and families.
We pray that the influence that they exercise over their children would be godly wisdom, seasoned with salt and bathed in prayer. We pray that You would provide the necessary health and strength they need to care for their families in their demanding task, and that You would grant each one multiplied grace, as they seek to carry out the many roles and responsibilities each within their own homes. This we ask in Jesus name,

Prayer For Mothers-In-Law

Dear Father God, we thank You that You were the one that instituted the role of the family in our lives, where children are brought up in a secure home, and where loving parents provide for their children in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.
We thank You also for the wider family and today Lord, we particularly want to bring before You the role of mothers-in- law within the family unit.
Sadly Lord the role of “mother-in-law” has too often become a target of cruel jokes and yet we praise You for the grace and wisdom of this special person within the extended family, who can be such a source of encouragement and wisdom, both to the parents and to their grand-children.
Give grace and wisdom to all women who have been called into the important role of Mother-in-law, and we pray that You would endue each one with godly virtue and gracious wisdom, so that they may to know when to offer wise counsel.. while having the discernment to know when to quietly withdraw.
We pray that You would curb any critical attitude they may have towards their daughter-in law or son-in-law, but rather we pray that the role of mother-in-law may increasingly become a be a source of great help, valued encouragement and gracious wisdom. This we ask in Jesus name,

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My mom

I Prayed For This Prayed for 165 time.
Dear Lord, My mother is on dialysis and only has one kidney. She is 72 years old. The last 2 days she has felt tired and weak. No appetite not eating. She is a Godly woman but for some reason is showing no faith. Please pray that she renew her strength and energy in Jesus name.
Edelia Guajardo
Received: July 17, 2014