Prayer For Mothers-In-Law

Dear Father God, we thank You that You were the one that instituted the role of the family in our lives, where children are brought up in a secure home, and where loving parents provide for their children in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.
We thank You also for the wider family and today Lord, we particularly want to bring before You the role of mothers-in- law within the family unit.
Sadly Lord the role of “mother-in-law” has too often become a target of cruel jokes and yet we praise You for the grace and wisdom of this special person within the extended family, who can be such a source of encouragement and wisdom, both to the parents and to their grand-children.
Give grace and wisdom to all women who have been called into the important role of Mother-in-law, and we pray that You would endue each one with godly virtue and gracious wisdom, so that they may to know when to offer wise counsel.. while having the discernment to know when to quietly withdraw.
We pray that You would curb any critical attitude they may have towards their daughter-in law or son-in-law, but rather we pray that the role of mother-in-law may increasingly become a be a source of great help, valued encouragement and gracious wisdom. This we ask in Jesus name,