Prayer For Motherhood

Lord, we thank You so much for mothers and for role of motherhood, and we pray for all mothers today, that You would fill their hearts with grace and love, and endue them with strength, patience, wisdom and joy.
We pray for all mothers today, and thank You for the gentle protection, wise counsel and godly correction they so often provide to their children and we pray that they would be given the grace to bring up their children in the fear and nurture of the Lord.
Thank You for the wisdom and guidance we have received from our own mothers, and for many selfless actions that they so often take on behalf of their children, and which so often goes unnoticed, unacknowledged and un-thanked.
Draw close to all mothers we pray, and fill each one with with Your love, guide and direct them as they carry out the roles and responsibilities of motherhood. Draw them into close loving fellowship with their families and with You. This we ask in Jesus' name,