Prayers For Suffering Mothers

Loving heavenly Father, You were the one who created mothers to be the one that bring children into the world.. but through the introduction of sin there is often  suffering and pain at childbirth – but we know all to often there is much more pain and suffering ahead, as the children they bear, change from the sweetness of infancy and the fun of childhood into rebellious teens.. and adult children that cause their parents much additional pain and heartache.

We lift up all those who have had to watch helplessly as their child has become rebellions and disobedient.. or has become attracted to the wrong company; been involved with addictive behaviours or engaged in some other destructive conduct. And we also know that many mothers have had to watch helplessly as their child has been overtaken with some incurable disease or been killed by a freak accident or some unknown cause.

Lord, we lift up this group of mothers whose children have caused them to go through so much suffering and pain – for whatever reason, and we pray that You would touch their hurt and heal their hearts. Bring back the prodigal; heal the sick; help the afflicted; deliver the needy; comfort the hurting heart and give them hope we pray.

Lord there is probably not mother that has never had to suffer pain through the children they have bourn – and so today we lift up all suffering mothers, and pray that You would draw near to each one and make this a day when many mothers discover a peace that only comes from You as they draw closer to Jesus, in Whose name we pray,