Prayers For A Mothers Of Twins

Loving Lord, what a joy to have twin babies and we praise You for both these little lives. We lift up their mother and her precious duo in prayer and ask that Your grace and blessing would be poured out on them all in rich abundance.

Lord it is a double blessing to have two babies, and we praise and thank Your for the joy that these twins have brought to their parents and to all their wider family and friends. We pray that You would care for them and protect them throughout their lives and keep them free from all danger and harm. 

Father how we thank You for the lives of these little twins – they are a blessing from above and the work of Your hands and we pray that they will be brought-up to know and love the Lord Jesus and to come to trust Him as their Saviour. 

We ask that You would give strength and grace to their Mom as she prepares to adapt her life and routine to care for these two little ones.  We pray that You would uphold her with Your righteous right hand, equip her with the wisdom and understanding, and provide her with the sufficient grace and patience to gently teach and train the precious twins in the way they should go – in Jesus name we pray,