Prayer For Those That Are Away From Home

Loving Lord we bring all those that are in the military that are serving away from their homes and families. Protect each one I pray and keep them away from the temptations of the flesh – which can be so destructive and enticing, when they are far from home and missing their loved ones. Guard and guide each one in the decisions they made and keep them from becoming hard and cynical in the tough training and life in which they are required participate.

Bless each one and protect their families while they are separated in the defence of their countries and bring each one back home into the arms of their loved ones I pray.

Lord for those that do not know You, raise up men and women and friends and strangers if necessary, to share the gospel with them – and we pray that many in the ministry forces, both in this country and abroad may come to trust the Lord Jesus as Saviour, in Whose name we pray,