Prayers for the Military

Prayer For Children of Military Personally

Dear Lord Jesus, We bring before You the lives of all children who have one or other of their parents serving in the military, (or both).

Lord we know that having teaching and training from both parents is such an important part of a young child’s upbringing - and we ask that You would protect each one from any of the emotional disturbances that can surface when children are apart from one or more of their parents, for prolonged stretches of time.

Jesus we ask that You would be close to each and every child, for we know that children are very special to Your heart of love and we pray that homes that are in this position will be saturated with Your love so that children do not feel rejected or afraid. I pray that in Your grace You would draw such children into a close relationship with You so that many come to trust in You as their Saviour…

Protect parents of military children and give them wisdom and love in the way that they treat their children when they return for their leave. This we ask in Jesus name,


For A Christian Husband Serving Abroad

Loving Lord and heavenly Father, I bring to You my dear husband, who is serving far from home in the military forces. Lord it is hard for us both to have these times of separation but Father, I pray that You would guard and guide him throughout the time that we are apart.

Father as he is having to undertake this patriotic duty abroad – please guard and guide him – watch over him and care for him as only You can and return him home to his family I pray, for we all love him so much.

Thank You Lord that my dear husband is a child of Yours and trusts You as his Saviour. May he grow in grace and in fellowship with You during this time abroad and keep him from the unsaved scoffers who love to pour scorn on those that trust in Jesus as Saviour.

Give him wisdom in all the decisions and choices he will need to make, and I pray that You would keep him from temptation during this time of separation – but also Lord, deliver him from any dangers that may be lurking during our time of separation.

Thank You Lord that You have scheduled every day of our lives and that no evil can happen to him that is not permitted by You —keep me trusting in You Lord and be with me during our time apart,

Thank You in Jesus name,


For An Unsaved Husband Serving Abroad

Dear God, I thank You that I am Your child and that nothing can snatch me out of Your hands – but Lord You know the state of my husband’s heart better that I could begin to understand it myself. Bring him into a right relationship with Yourself I pray. O Lord… There are times when he seems to be searching and other times that he seems to be totally disinterred in the gospel.. but I ask that his heart is prepared to respond to the truth of Your word…

Protect him Lord I pray and cover my dear husband with Your cloak of protection during this time that we are separated. Give him the courage to defend our homeland without compromise – and protect him in every way… but Lord, more than anything I pray that he may come to know You as His Saviour. Thank You in Jesus name,


Prayer For the Men and Women in the Military

Lord we thank You for the men and women in our armed forces and pray Your protection over each one as they carry out their various duties in defence of our country. Wherever they are in the world, we pray that You would lead and protect them from all the forces of evil.

We pray Your protection over each individual and every regiment and crew and pray that they may be equipped to carry out their duties in a manner that is pleasing to You. Prevent them from becoming careless of life and expose any evil that may infiltrate their lives.

I pray that those that are in authority over military matters, would make their decisions based on Your truths and be kept from implementing worldly philosophies and unbiblical attitudes on our troops.

Be with every believer, who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and I pray that the actions that they are required to make will not compromise their trust in You.

I also pray that those who have made a commitment to live their lives as unto You, will be able to witness to all those who are living and working alongside them. Keep each one safe we pray, and may each one grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus in the days that lie ahead - in Jesus name we pray,


Prayer For Those That Are Away From Home

Loving Lord we bring all those that are in the military that are serving away from their homes and families. Protect each one I pray and keep them away from the temptations of the flesh – which can be so destructive and enticing, when they are far from home and missing their loved ones. Guard and guide each one in the decisions they made and keep them from becoming hard and cynical in the tough training and life in which they are required participate.

Bless each one and protect their families while they are separated in the defence of their countries and bring each one back home into the arms of their loved ones I pray.

Lord for those that do not know You, raise up men and women and friends and strangers if necessary, to share the gospel with them – and we pray that many in the ministry forces, both in this country and abroad may come to trust the Lord Jesus as Saviour, in Whose name we pray,


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