Prayer For Children Of Military Personnel

Dear Lord Jesus, I bring before You the lives of all children who have one or other of their parents serving in the military, (or both).

Lord, I know that having teaching and training from both parents is such an important part of a young child’s upbringing, and I ask that You would protect each one from any of the emotional disturbances that can surface when children are apart from one or more of their parents, for prolonged stretches of time.

Jesus, I ask that You would be close to each and every child, for I know that children are very special to Your heart of love. I pray that homes that are in this position, will be saturated with Your love, so that children do not feel rejected or afraid. I pray that in Your grace, You would draw such children into a close relationship with You, so that many come to trust in You as their Saviour.

Protect parents of military children, and give them wisdom and love in the way that they treat their children when they return for their leave. This I ask in Jesus' name,