Prayer For My Sister’s Health and Healing


Heavenly Lord, I come to You today to lift up my dear sister, whose health is failing badly and who needs Your touch of healing on her life. Lord we know that You are the Giver of life You know exactly what is the problem from which my sister is suffering - and we pray that in a wonderful way You would touch her and heal her as only You can.

Father we know that You still have power to heal and sometimes to choose to heal a person and at other times Your will is to be an ever-present Help in the midst of our distresses and we ask Lord that whatever Your reason for my sister’s deteriorating health that You would give her the sufficient grace that You have promised to all Your children – so that you demonstrate not only to them but to those that have to do with them an amazing grace that only You can provide.

Nevertheless Father I pray that You will see fit to heal my sister and to raise her to full health and strength – but may Your perfect will be done in her life.. and we will give you all the praise and all the glory, for You alone are worthy to recover our worship and praise, in Jesus name I pray,