Prayers for Freedom

For All Believers That Have Lost Their Freedom

Dear Father God, we live in a world where injustice is rife, freedoms are rapidly being removed and persecution of believers is on the increase. I come to You Father, to lay before You all the men and women who have had their freedoms removed, each one is precious in Your sight, for each one is a blood-bought child of Yours.

Be with all who are suffering injustice and loss of their freedoms, whether through government restrictions or groups that are intent on harming them, and give wisdom to the men and ministries that are seeking to support those that have been affected in this way.

Lord, I know that only when Jesus returns will true justice be restored and true freedom be established. Keep each one of Your children under the protection of Your wing, and may all who trust in Christ find their rest in Him, knowing that He is able and willing to support in time of need and to help in time of trouble. In Jesus' name I pray,


Prayer For Freedoms In Our Country

Gracious Lord and Heavenly Father, there are many struggles that people are facing today as our freedoms are increasingly being eroded. Keep us Lord under Your protection as we seek to live our lives as unto You.

Lord, how I long to live in a world that is truly free and liberated, but Lord, help me see beyond my own limited perception of what is true liberty in this world, and to understand that my desire to see this world governed by men of integrity and goodness, is a pipe-dream that can never be realised – for we are a sinful race that lives in a fallen world, which is currently being governed by Satan, who is called, ‘the god of this world.’

Father, help all who are Your children to understand that until the Lord Jesus returns to break forever the power of this fallen world system, there will be no peace or prosperity or freedom on earth.

Thank You, that Jesus is coming back soon to right all the wrongs. Thank You, that when Jesus returns, He will proclaim freedom to the captives, recover sight to the blind, and to set at liberty those who are oppressed.

Help all Your people to see this world from Your perspective and pray into Your will, knowing that only when Christ returns will the earth experience true freedom. In Jesus' name,


Prayer For Inner Freedom

Dear Heavenly Father, how I thank and praise You that You are our living Lord and loving Saviour. You hold the reins of the universe in the palm of Your hand. Thank You, that You are fully in control of all that is taking place in this fallen world, and that You have not simply left us without hope.

Thank You for our Salvation in Christ, and thank You Father, for the freedom I have in Him.

Thank You, that I have been released from this world system and can rest in You.

Thank You that nothing can happen to me that is not permitted by You, and that will not eventually be for my good and for Your glory.

Lord, as the temporal freedoms within the world are fading away, may my confidence rest in You and You alone. Give me Your peace that passes all understanding in my heart, Your peace, which alone can set me free from the worries and anxieties that this world affords. Thank You, that You are indeed my heavenly Father, my living Lord and my loving Saviour, in Whose name I pray,


Prayer For True Freedom

Loving Lord, we thank You for the freedoms that many of us have enjoyed for so long, but we also realise that there are many people around the world that are held in bondage and slavery. Indeed, increasingly the freedoms of the west, which we have enjoyed for so long, are rapidly being eroded.

Lord, we have placed our faith in the wrong things, for we know that there is no true freedom in this world, except in You, for man is intrinsically evil and the corrupting power for which many are grasping in today’s political arena is doomed to fail, when You are not central.

Lord Jesus, You said that Your kingdom is not of this world system, and we know that those that seek after political power in this world system have a lust for evil, and those that desire to change the world system under which we now live, through political means, are seeking to achieve freedom man’s way, rather than Your perfect way.

Father, we know that until the Lord Jesus comes to crush the powers that be (the world system that now rests in the evil one, Satan), there will be no true freedom. Help us not to hanker to change the world for the better through man’s ways, but rather let us trust in You alone - for in Your own time and in Your own way You have promised to set up Your world wide kingdom with the Lord Jesus at the helm. Keep us until then. Protect us from those that would seek to remove whatever freedoms we have. We pray as the Body of Christ. Come Lord Jesus. 


Free me from slavery, oh almighty God

Prayed for 11 time. I Prayed For This

Free me from the chains that keep me in labor every single day and most nights, with hardly any rest whatsoever, hardly any sleep, without being able to be with my wife and growing children who need me, and most of all without being able to go to church on Sundays to worship you, or learn from your word. Give me work and pay, my God, enough to pay my depts and needs, but without bonds of slavery, my God. Give me the freedom to be with my family, and to worship and serve you, please, oh God. Amen.Amen.Amen.

Doctor Ralph
Received: October 29, 2013