Prayer For True Freedom

Loving Lord, we thank You for the freedoms that many of us have enjoyed for so long, but we also realise that there are many people around the world that are held in bondage and slavery. Indeed, increasingly the freedoms of the west, which we have enjoyed for so long, are rapidly being eroded.

Lord, we have placed our faith in the wrong things, for we know that there is no true freedom in this world, except in You, for man is intrinsically evil and the corrupting power for which many are grasping in today’s political arena is doomed to fail, when You are not central.

Lord Jesus, You said that Your kingdom is not of this world system, and we know that those that seek after political power in this world system have a lust for evil, and those that desire to change the world system under which we now live, through political means, are seeking to achieve freedom man’s way, rather than Your perfect way.

Father, we know that until the Lord Jesus comes to crush the powers that be (the world system that now rests in the evil one, Satan), there will be no true freedom. Help us not to hanker to change the world for the better through man’s ways, but rather let us trust in You alone - for in Your own time and in Your own way You have promised to set up Your world wide kingdom with the Lord Jesus at the helm. Keep us until then. Protect us from those that would seek to remove whatever freedoms we have. We pray as the Body of Christ. Come Lord Jesus.