Prayers for Veterans

Prayer For Injured Veterans

Heavenly Father, thank You for the men and women who have served our country in one or other of our armed forces and I particularly bring before You today those who have fallen sick, been injured or have suffered some long-term health or emotional problem, through the traumas that they have had to experience while serving abroad.

Father, I know that You alone are the one that can heal the heart as well as the body. Only You can cure the inner pain as well as ease the other injuries, and I lift each one up to You and pray that in Your grace and mercy You would meet them at their point of need.

For those that know You as their Saviour, I pray that You would strengthen them in the inner man and give them the peace of God in their hearts that passes understanding. For those that are unsaved, Lord I pray that they may come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Saviour and that in Your grace You would minister to each and every need as You see fit. I ask this in the name of Jesus,


Prayer For Injured Veterans

Father, we remember the families of the many veterans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, in the defence of their home and country and also for those veterans who have been seriously wounded or have sustained permanent injuries, that have left them disabled and unable to continue their military career.

We ask that You would be mindful of the needs of the families and loved ones of those that have died in the call of duty, and also for those who have lost their career due having become disabled or injured during the course of their military career.

We pray that You would show grace and mercy on each one and that You would supply them with all that they need to face an uncertain future. Draw each one into Your arms of love. Convict those who do not know You as their Saviour of their need of salvation, and grant all those that are Your children the perfect peace that only comes from You. In Jesus' name we pray,


Prayer For Veterans Day

Heavenly Lord, I bring before You the men and women who have been called to serve our country in the armed forces, on land, sea and in the air, and who have spent much of their lives participating in the protection of our shores and land, from the enemy that would seek to do us harm. Thank You, for the selfless way that so many have been used to maintain our freedoms through their courageous acts, both at home and abroad.

Thank You for each one. Bless them abundantly, and I pray that You would be their strength and stay, and that You would graciously supply them with all they need to continue to serve our country in a retired capacity.

And Lord, for veterans and those in the armed forces that do not yet know You as their Saviour, I do pray that You would draw near to each one and make Yourself known, so that they may come to trust in Jesus as Saviour and come to be a soldier in the army of the King of kings and Lord of lords, in Whose name I pray,


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