Prayer For Veterans Day

Heavenly Lord, I bring before You the men and women who have been called to serve our country in the armed forces, on land, sea and in the air, and who have spent much of their lives participating in the protection of our shores and land, from the enemy that would seek to do us harm. Thank You, for the selfless way that so many have been used to maintain our freedoms through their courageous acts, both at home and abroad.

Thank You for each one. Bless them abundantly, and I pray that You would be their strength and stay, and that You would graciously supply them with all they need to continue to serve our country in a retired capacity.

And Lord, for veterans and those in the armed forces that do not yet know You as their Saviour, I do pray that You would draw near to each one and make Yourself known, so that they may come to trust in Jesus as Saviour and come to be a soldier in the army of the King of kings and Lord of lords, in Whose name I pray,