The Death Of A Believer

Loving Lord, I am filled with grief and sadness at the loss of my precious loved one, and yet that pain is tinged with gold, knowing that they trusted you as their Saviour and that they are now in Your presence.

I know that I am going to miss this precious one, who has been my strength and my joy for so long, and thank You for the wonderful times we had together.

Often Lord, I expect my dear one to just be there, or walk through the door - and then I remember that they have gone home to be with You. At times this is quite hard and yet I know that I do not have to grieve as those that have not hope in Jesus, but rejoice knowing that the day is coming when we will be together with You and You will wipe away all tears from our eyes. But at the moment Lord, my loss is like an open wound and I pray that You will heal my brokenness and the loneliness I feel. Draw me ever closer into Your arms of love, my Lord and my God.

Thank You for all You are to me and may I rest in You. In Jesus name,