Shock And Sadness At The Sudden Death Of A Friend

Lord God of Hope, I come to You today in deepest grief and with such sadness of heart at the sudden death of such a beloved friend, who was snatched away from us, in such a tragic way.

Lord, I know that our times are in Your hands, but the shock and sadness that the life of this precious person, whom we all love so dearly, was cut short in a so distressing way, is filling all our hearts with deep pain and sorrow.

Be our comfort in this time of loss, and uphold all that are in pain today, knowing that You are our God of comfort and the Great Comforter Who comforts all that are hurting. Be especially close to the family and those that were nearest and dearest. Give them Your peace and assurance that You are with them throughout all their pain, and pour the light of Your love into their hurting hearts. In Jesus' name,