Prayer For Peace In Israel

Loving Father, we are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Lord, we do pray that Your peace would one day soon descend upon that city of Jerusalem and spread across the whole nation of Israel, until the world is filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

But Father, we know that there will be no peace in that land, nor indeed in any of the nations of the world, until the Lord Jesus comes to reign as King of kings, Lord of lords and Prince of Peace. And so Lord we pray Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, come Thou long expected Jesus, come to set Your people free, come and to set up Your promised rule on earth, for Lord, we know that without You there can be no peace on earth and only an increase in the ragings of the nations against Your people Israel and Your holy city of Jerusalem.

The nations are increasingly raging against Your people and Your land, and Father we know that nothing can bring peace on earth, except the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to take up His rightful position as King of Israel and Saviour of the World.

Father, we pray that while there is still time that many may come to know and trust the Lord Jesus as the one and only Prince of Peace, both in the land of Israel and throughout the world. In Jesus' name we pray,