Prayer Of Blessing For New Mothers

How we rejoice today as we seek Your blessing on the new mothers who have just entered the threshold of motherhood and started their journey through life with a precious new-born, that has been granted by Your goodness and grace.

We praise You for the heritage and gift of children and the joy and happiness of bringing a new little life into the world. We ask Lord that You would pour out Your special blessing on all new mothers today and grant them wisdom and grace, patience and godly love as they begin the process of nurturing and encouraging, teaching and training their precious child.

May they grow in grace and make it a priority to place Jesus in the centre of their home-life, knowing that, when You are in Your rightful position that Your grace and blessing will flow in rich abundance.

May the Lord bless and keep every new mother and may His face shine upon each one and give them peace in their soul and joy of the Lord in their heart, in Jesus name we pray,